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Total AV Review

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A compact, comprehensive security suite with a FREE download 100% device compatible.
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  • Cost-free, highly rated antivirus protection against all the major threats.
  • Easy to use tune-up tools to remove junk and redundant files from your device.
  • Great interface, which you don't need any technical know-how to download or operate.


  • The free VPN is a selling point, but it does slow down your server just a fraction.
  • Total AV's password manager does the job, but it's not as good as many of the standalone competitor apps.
  • The pop ups on the site are slightly annoying, and you will have to stick to your guns if you're not interested in premium features.
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Total AV is a powerful antivirus suite, including malware scans, decent web security and a range of privacy options to make it safer to spend time online.

The brand says it believes every home deserves good antivirus defences. Hence, it offers the Total AV Pro 2022 package entirely free of charge, compatible with all the major operating systems, including Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

As the competition goes, it's impossible to argue with free protection - but here, we'll take a look at how good Total AV is (and how it stacks up in services offered for upgraded users!).


  • Total AV Pro 2022: free
  • Premium: £19 per year for protection on three devices

Key Feature: Total AV is hard to beat since it's free of charge! That's an impressive price point for a pretty high-quality antivirus, scoring near-perfect results on all the major threats.

Antivirus applications: Designed for home use and antivirus security on up to three devices - including any internet-connected or mobile device.

Antivirus Functionality

This antivirus uses an anti-malware engine called SAVAPI, which is about as reliable as they come, used on over 500 million devices around the globe.

We like how easy the interface is to use - it doesn't look complex, there isn't any jargon, and the layout makes it easy to navigate and select a function, such as running a scan to clear out your junk files or boosting your internet safety controls.

With stacks of malware detection awards and high scores from independent testers, the selling point is consistency.

Total AV doesn't tend to have outages, which are a common issue - even if the software is free, it's no use if it works intermittently and lets a virus sneak past now and then.

Highly affordable, free tune-up tools to get your PC or phone working faster, and a low-cost premium package for under £20 a year, providing antivirus for, say, a smartphone, a tablet and a computer all at once.


Total AV is a respected antivirus software provider and includes web protection to stop you from clicking on any dodgy links. It offers effective real-time malware defences, intelligent virus scans and a free plan that combines all the essential elements in one.

The tune-up feature isn't something unique, but it works remarkably well and is designed to be inclusive, without any tools or instructions that the average user might find confusing.

Overall, it's a great option for keeping your devices running smoothly and protecting you from the myriad security threats in the digital world!

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