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McAfee Review

Award-winning antivirus protecting up to ten devices from a global household brand name.
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  • Unbeatable pricing covers up to ten devices locked in at a whopping discount for two years.
  • The software is super simple to use, install and control, perfect for everyday homes.
  • An award-winning antivirus with over 50 awards for virus protection in the last 12 months.


  • McAfee for Mac has fewer features than the antivirus version for other operating systems.
  • The PC Boost tool only works in Google Chrome, so it's not worth using if you prefer a different browser.
  • Pricing for one device isn't spectacular, but it's a massively good deal for a multi-device cover.
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McAfee antivirus is massively well known and used worldwide, so it's a reliable way to go if you're after a trustworthy antivirus package to protect all your home devices.

The challenge is that there isn't a free version, but it's cost-effective if you have a family with stacks of internet-connected devices!

Most free antivirus has limitations or protects just the specific computer you download it to. Still, the family deal, with a two-year introductory price of £24.99, includes up to ten devices, five VPN licences and all the usual scans, privacy protection and secure Wi-Fi, so it's a competitive offer.

Let's take a look and see how much peace of mind a McAfee antivirus package will give you.


  • Individual: £24.99 a year for one year - then £59.99 a year.
  • Individual: £19.99 a year for a two-year subscription - then £59.99 a year.
  • Multi-Device: £22.49 for two years - then £79.99 a year.
  • Family: £27.49 for two years - then £89.99 a year.

Key Feature: Excellent phishing protection and reliable security to block malicious URLs.

Antivirus applications: McAfee works best on Windows devices, but it's also got a mostly fully-featured Android antivirus edition. Unlimited licensing is a key selling point for homes with many online appliances.

Antivirus Functionality

McAfee Antivirus packages protect every device you have, including Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. It isn't the most powerful compared to others, but it's a better deal than you'll find anywhere else for multi-device protection, particularly with the two-year introductory offer!

The malware protection scores are outstanding, and it's a great antivirus if you, or your kids, spend time working or gaming online since McAfee performs well at detecting spammy websites and malicious links. The firewall is good, and you get a virus protection promise to fall back on if anything slips through the net!

Included in your package is a long, long list of added-bonus features, including a PC Boost tool to speed up your connections, Ransom Guard, and a load more.


If you're not keen on relying on cheap or free antivirus software, and you've got a busy family with several phones, tablets, laptops, computers and smart TVs, you can't do better than McAfee.

The pricing for larger numbers of devices is exceptional. The cover is comprehensive, including detection scans, improving your device speeds, and tracking any suspicious URLs to stop you from heading into parts of the web you don't want to visit.

As home antivirus goes, it's a solid contender - no wonder you'll find McAfee humming quietly away on about 325 million devices!

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