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What Makes AVG One of the Best Free Antiviruses?

May 23, 2024
What Makes AVG One of the Best Free Antiviruses?

Let's be honest - the best antivirus software UK for comprehensive protection and proactive defences will always be a paid-for option. 

However, AVG Antivirus is right up there as a top contender if you have a limited budget or want a simple antivirus to look after your online activities at home.

Today we'll look at why an AVG Antivirus download might be one of your easiest options.

Choosing the Top 10 Antivirus Software

The issue with finding the best antivirus software UK is that the choice is so vast, and the performance ratings of each package so diverse, it's all but impossible for your everyday consumer to know which provider to go with.

This scenario is where Best10 steps in, with independent reviews and user-friendly rankings to help you make fast, informed, and affordable decisions.

However, if we go back to basics, there are lots of things to consider before you click the subscribe button:

  • Whether you've got an in-built antivirus (such as Microsoft Defender) and whether your programme outperforms this basic protection.
  • The free utilities included, comparing options with ransomware security against full-scale antivirus protection.
  • Ease of use, automatic security updates, and any vulnerability that might expose you to attacks and information theft.

AVG Antivirus is one of the best-known and longest standing top 10 antivirus offerings with a free package.

Though it's a bit more limited than paid-for AVG Antivirus for Mac or Windows, it still provides good real-time anti-malware capacity and on-demand scanning options.

Why AVG is the Best Free Antivirus for Windows 10

The AVG interface is easy to use and has a different range of tools than Avast - although it is owned by the business, having been bought out in 2016.

Detection tools are the same, but the integrated components can scan emails, browsers and block malicious programmes from editing any of your directories, thus barring the majority of potential attacks.

According to testing:

  • AVG protects and detects 100% of malware used in analyses by AV-Test and SE Labs.
  • It protected testers from 99% of malware when evaluating performance at AV-Comparatives.

However, suppose you're thinking about downloading AVG Antivirus for Windows.

In that case, it's worth pointing out that protections are pretty similar to Microsoft Defender - this programme is installed on any new Windows 10 package.

Do I Need AVG Antivirus if I Have Windows Defender?

The decision isn't, though, quite that straightforward - especially if you're backing up the default antivirus with a supplementary free tool!

It may be worth installing AVG because:

  • Windows Defender automatically removes malware - but only if it detects it.
  • Doubling up enhances your malware protection and offers additional internet security tools.
  • AVG performs scheduled and on-demand scans, so it can be useful to use alongside Defender in Passive Mode, so that you have both programmes performing periodic scans.
  • Defender is great but it isn't sufficient to protect internet-connected devices where you store sensitive files or personal information.

AVG works well with Windows 10 and earlier versions because you can activate real-time protection to highlight unsafe links and restrict files or downloads that may be harmful.

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Pros and Cons to AVG Free Antivirus

As we've mentioned, free antivirus software won't ever outperform a premium package but has several advantages.

The free option has:

  • The functionality to work on most Windows editions and is compatible with older operating systems.
  • Extremely high accuracy levels and rarely misses a potential security issue or confuses a legitimate file with a malicious one.
  • Inclusive defences against ransomware.

On the flip slide, it's often not considered effective enough to use as well as Microsoft Defender (although we've noted some caveats above, particularly if you have sensitive information on your PC or laptop!).

Another consideration if you have limited storage capacity is that AVG's free version uses a fair bit of your system resources.

The big positive in favour of AVG is that the free option remains highly functional if you don't want to upgrade, with zero costs.

AVG has over 30 years of industry expertise and incorporates safety against phishing and malware, preventing spyware or viruses from infiltrating your device, with real-time upgrades from the world's largest database of viruses.

Improved protection from the paid-for AVG Internet Security suite includes additional features, such as anti-hacker security, an enhanced firewall, protection for your webcam and more advanced anti-ransomware.

Which Free Antivirus Software Should I Choose for a Mac?

One of the long-standing issues for a Mac user is that many Windows programmes and downloads aren't compatible - or have limited uses.

AVG Free, happily, provides fully functional software suitable for Mac, and the reputation of the brand matters since new viruses and hacking techniques emerge pretty much every day.

The AVG database is impressively huge, so it means that if any new threats come into play, it's likely you'll be protected very quickly as the database expands and implements scanning tools to avoid any harm.

We'd recommend:

  • Utilising the free browser extension - this keeps your data safe online, for example, when entering payment details for online shopping or logging into your bank account.
  • Scheduling regular scans - these pick up computer performance issues, as well as viruses and malware, so they can be an efficient way to perform updates.
  • Shredding confidential files, you no longer need - this tool is handy because it is irreversible. Merely discarding or deleting a file doesn't mean a hacker cannot retrieve it, so this option is advisable for anybody handling highly confidential information.

Note that AVG does not include a password manager, although you can easily add a free tool to your Mac to keep your passwords safe.

AVG Free also doesn't offer a VPN, although you can browse our recommendations for the Top VPN Providers online, with options starting from about £1 a month!

For more details about AVG Antivirus or any of our suggested providers, please visit Best10Scout for full reviews and pricing information to get your PC protected, pronto.

What Makes AVG One of the Best Free Antiviruses?

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