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Kaspersky Review

One of the best home antivirus suites on the market - supercharged online protection!
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  • Hugely accurate and reliable protection, including a 30-day trial to test out the antivirus software.
  • The parental controls are second to none, making this an outstanding option for families.
  • Kaspersky isn't free, but it's affordable, and the pricing is highly competitive for the quality of the security on offer.


  • Added extras on the upgraded packages tend to be a tad underpowered, so they're nice-to-haves rather than a key feature.
  • The cheapest antivirus products are available only for Windows operating systems, and Safe Kids doesn’t work on iOS quite as well as on Android. 
  • Potentially not ideal for macOS, as there have been some issues with protection components not running properly.
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Kaspersky is a top-scoring antivirus provider and is regularly recommended as the best option, with everything from real-time antivirus scans to ad blockers, webcam protection, and a smart, speedy VPN included in the premium suites.

There are some caveats, depending on which operating system you use (the Essentials product only works for Windows). Still, the flexibility of the pricing points and range of packages means there's likely an ideal solution for every household with online devices.


  • Essential Suite: from £12.49 - Windows antivirus, anti-phishing and performance optimisation.
  • Advanced Suite: from £17.49 - suitable for Windows, Android and macOS with all the features above plus a VPN, ad blocker and payment protection.
  • Premium Suite - from £19.99 - suitable for the above operating systems, plus iOS and including extras such as GPS locators for kids, password manager and file protection.

Key Feature: The core antivirus protection from Kaspersky is reliable, fast, and affordable, with a range of excellent child security add-ons, including parental controls, screen time management and content blocking to keep little ones safe online.

Antivirus applications: Kaspersky packages are aimed at home use and blocking malicious sites and malware - Total Security includes the fully-featured Kaspersky Safe Kids package.

Antivirus Functionality

Kaspersky ticks all the right boxes when it comes to its primary function - protecting your devices from threats. The database is continually updated, so you're safeguarded from new viruses as they emerge. The malware scanner is tested as picking up 100% of zero-day malware without a stream of false alerts that can make browsing a chore.

As we've mentioned, the protection for children is something special, with a huge range of options - including a GPS monitor you can install on kids' smartphones if you want to make sure they're safe.

There's also social network monitoring, blocks for inappropriate YouTube content and app usage controls to limit screen time, so it's a big thumbs up, particularly for parents with teenagers.


Kaspersky is a great option if you're after no-nonsense, comprehensive protection from digital viruses, ransomware, and malware.

One of the big positives for us is that, whichever suite you choose, it doesn't clog up your PC or impact the storage or memory, so it's a fantastic solution if you need optimal system performance with solid defences.

The features are reliable and easy to use, although double-check which package you're buying as they aren't compatible with every operating system.

Here's a nice bonus - you can get in touch with Kaspersky 24/7 via live chat, email or phone, switch plans quickly if your needs change, and get help if you need a hand operating the software or managing your account. With the contemporary, advanced parental controls, it's a winner.

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