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Kartra Website Builder Review

Everything you need for your online business in one place. Top notch.
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  • Drag-and-Drop Interface:  Easy and intuitive drag-and-drop interface, allowing users to create modern and attractive websites quickly and easily.
  • Advanced Customization Options: Users can customize your website's functionality according to your own preferences and needs.
  • Responsive Design: Optimized for mobile devices, ensuring maximum reach and engagement for businesses on all types of devices.


  • Limited design customization options - Kartra's website builder does not allow for complex website designs or extensive customization.
  • Limited integration capabilities - Limited integrations with other popular software and tools, making it difficult to link different services together.
  • Slow loading times - The websites created can be slow to load, resulting in a poor user experience.
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General Information

Kartra Price Plans
Kartra offers a range of subscription levels to suit your needs.

Running a business online in a technologically-driven world places intensive demand on your time, effort and money. Selling products and services in a fiercely competitive online world is not an easy task, especially for someone who is a novice in this field. You may have the money to bring your business online, but then for some reason or other, fail to get the desired outcome owing to a lack of time and/or technical knowhow.

If you are looking for a company that could help you with landing pages, you may opt for ClickFunnels. Similarly, for automation services, ConvertKit could be your first choice, and SamCart for shopping carts.

However, it's going to be complex and inconvenient for you to manage all these different tools that offer different services and come with different price tags.

Wouldn't it be great , if, instead of having to switch between different software that serve different functions, you have a single marketing software for your online business? Does it make sense?

What is Kartra?

Kartra is a page builder, sales funnel builder and marketing automation platform designed just for marketers. An all-in-one marketing platform, it enables you to create, market and launch your business online using just one tool.

A fully integrated platform, Kartra differs from its competitors by taking a "whole-package approach". What it means is that you can use this tool to sell your products and/or services , or both, from a single platform using its features such as marketing automation, sales funnels, split testing, landing pages designing, email marketing, affiliates management, list building, web-hosting, analytics tagging, carts checkout, online courses, segmentation and online payments. to name a few.

It does all these things - and more - while connecting them all together in a single account for you to manage. In short, it is equipped with all the features you need to make your online business easy to manage and operate.

What you can do with Kartra?

Create Sales Funnels

As an online business owner, you must be aware of the importance of a sales funnel. In simple terms, sales funnel s take your users from being a visitor, through to being a customer, in the optimum way possible converts a website visitor to an email subscriber, who may ultimately become a customer.

Creating a sales funnel using Kartra funnel builder is fairly intuitive and easy.  It can be accomplished in few simple steps.

  • Create a starting rule for your sequence. For example, this could be someone filling out a form.
  • Add an email object; configure the day it's sent, who is the sender, etc.
  • Add the content to your communication

When it comes to adding your content, you have two options---basic or advanced. You may opt for either depending upon your requirements and the features you will use in your communication. For example, if there's a product launch, you have to opt for advanced as you will use features, such as videos, CTAs, images, etc.

Kartra's drag and drop function allows you to create a sales funnel fairly easily. More importantly, you can visually see the flow of your funnels, which makes it easier to track your customers’ journey, right from registration to when they buy.

Email Marketing

Email marketing and broadcasting is another important feature offered by the Kartra marketing platform.

Email marketing is important because this direct method of communication allows you to target new customers and elicit their trust in your business. Broadcasts are one-time emails (a weekly newsletter/ one-time offer) that you send out to people who are in your contact list.

Kartra's email builder allows you to customize your email with components like header images, buttons, testimonials, videos, calls to action, and so on, so that you can give personality to your communications.

A very important feature offered by Kartra email marketing is its deliverability. The mails you send to your contacts will not be dumped in the spam folder, which means you are assured that your message will be seen.

Set Up a Course and Membership Platform

Kartra is the ideal platform for marketing your digital platform including, eBooks, online courses, consultations and coaching, along with other services. With this platform, you can host your online courses, and more importantly decide upon as to who can access the content and how.

When you create a membership in Kartra, you can choose to give full access to people or use its automation features to allow access to a part of content at a time.

The platform comes with an intuitive wizard. The wizard guides you on how you can set up a membership in Kartra to manage and sell your online content.

Setting up membership in Kartra is simple. All you need to do is following:

  • Set access levels
  • Set up email sequences
  • Add content

In order to build your membership, you need to create a post. You can do so by going to the banner on the left, and under "post contents" drag an element, like an image or a video.

Choose Products and Payments

If you're looking for a platform that has products and payment functionality, Kartra is the perfect tool to get the job done. You can create a range of products to suit any product type, ranging from online courses, eBooks to food supplies, and then set up the payment processing, using options like credit cards, PayPal, etc.

You can set payment options like instalments, one-time payment or recurring payment. For example, if you are launching a new product, you can opt for an initial payment option as an incentive to get people to try your product e.g., $10 for the first 10 days. Kartra also enables you to set up a refund policy and sales tax.

Manage Landing Pages

Kartra sales funnels
Build complex sales funnels to maximise revenues.

Another core feature that Kartra has is landing pages. Digital marketers know the importance of landing pages, and how a good one can do a better job of capturing leads in comparison to a website's home page.

A landing page, sometimes known as a "lead capture page", "single property page", or a "destination page", is a standalone web page, that is designed to convert visitors into leads.

The design, content, and everything else about a landing page is intended to capture a visitor's information, such as for example getting them to filling out a form or downloading an eBook form, in exchange for a desired offer (eg downloading an eBook).

A landing page has a bigger conversion rate than a website because it is the URL people arrive at through marketing email, email campaigns, social media advertising, or an online advertisement.

Kartra allows you to organize your landing pages, so you can organize your pages into various categories such as payment pages, thank you pages, opt-in pages, sales page, and so on.

Kartra's page builder is easy to use and intuitive. You can use it to create a page, give it a name, publish it, and have the page up and running fairly quickly. You can easily add SEO or a tracking code in the setting if you’re running Facebook ads. You can also embed videos onto your page from YouTube, Vimeo, or Kartra.

Track your Business

As an online entrepreneur, you want to make informed business decisions based on concrete data. In order to be assured that you are moving in the right direction, you need to be aware of how successful your business strategies are proving to be.

Kartra has a dashboard where you can access and measure key metrics such as subscriptions, sales, traffic, leads and conversions. Additionally, Kartra has analytics for most of your features, such as open rates, click through rates, video views and sales.

Who can use Kartra?

Kartra is for you if you are a:

  • Blogger
  • Website builder
  • Online Consultant/Coach
  • Entrepreneur on a budget
  • Digital courses creator
  • A digital marketer
  • Course & Membership Creator
  • An Author or Public speaker
  • Funnel builder
  • Email campaign builder

Kartra is a powerful tool to grow and nurture your audience and take your business to next level. It will help you achieve your business objectives by making your online venture more appealing to the customers.

This all-in-one platform will aid you in building and managing your campaign much easier and that too without compelling you to incur the costs associated with hiring copywriters, web developers, system integrators, web designers and developers.  Its advance automation features will lower your costs and simplify your systems, and help you get more traffic, leads and conversion.

How Much Does Kartra Cost?

In short, the cheapest Kartra pricing plan starts at $99/month for 2,500 leads, 1 custom domain, and 15,000 emails/month, meanwhile, the most expensive plan comes at $499/month plan for 50,000 leads, 10 custom domains, and unlimited emails.

The main differences between the plans are the number of leads, custom domains, and other features allocated per month.

Starter: $99/Month  2,500 leads, 1 custom domain, 15,000  emails/month, 100 Pages, 20 Products

Silver: $199/Month  12,500 leads, 3 custom domain, Unlimited  emails/month, Unlimited Pages, Unlimited Products

Gold: $299/Month  25,000 leads, 5 custom domain, Unlimited  emails/month, Unlimited Pages, Unlimited Products

Platinum: $499/Month  50,000 leads,  10 custom domain, Unlimited emails/month, Unlimited Pages, Unlimited  Products.

Kartra's Monthly Plans vs Annual Plans: Which is The Best Pricing Option?

If you're building everything from scratch then Kartra's monthly pricing option might look like a better way to go. However, if you already have an audience and you know that you need higher limits, then Kartra's annual plans might be a perfect choice since it will let you save up to 25%.

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