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Eight Totally Free Streaming Apps to Download Now

May 23, 2024
Eight Totally Free Streaming Apps to Download Now

Interested in finding the best free streaming apps 2022 without the hours of online research? Our quick guide to the most popular free TV streaming apps will get you started straight away.

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The Best Free TV Streaming Apps 2022

Let's get started with some familiar UK channels and online apps that won't charge you a penny.

1. Channel 4 Films

The broadcaster has a pretty decent back catalogue of movies, including Film4 productions. You can watch on-demand through the All4 service or use a Freeview box to access any programmes you wish.

2. Amazon Prime

If you're looking for the top free TV streaming services UK for choice, you can't go wrong with Amazon Prime!

Now, the service isn't free, but you can opt into a free 30-day trial and cancel your subscription through the Prime Membership portal (psst, keep an eye out for deals, you can sometimes get a 12-month free account with other Amazon services!).


NOW is a great option if you want to sample ways to download free movie apps without committing.

The free trial is only a week long, but you can cancel your pass easily or choose to subscribe only to limited passes for the specific categories you want to watch.

4. YouTube

We've all heard of YouTube, but it's often overlooked as one of the best free live TV streaming apps since a lot of the user-generated content is fairly low quality.

However, if you have a tight budget and still want to catch up with some great viewing material, have a browse through the available movies - steer clear of knock-offs since they're rarely a good experience.

5. Disney Plus

Disney exploded on the TV streaming scene and offers a seven-day free trial for UK users. You need to provide card details but can cancel after your trial period without a penalty.

If you love a Disney classic or want to watch new cinema releases at home as quickly as possible, the service is competitive and has an enormous library of titles.

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How Do I Connect to a New TV Streaming Service?

6. Virgin Media

The best way to get an incredible streaming deal from Virgin is to consider a package - the company offers combined internet, phone and TV services, from about £38 a month all-in.

If you're not keen on paying for entertainment, you might be swayed by the option to watch Amazon Prime through Virgin TV, powered by a Tivo V6 box.

7. BritBox

UK viewers love BritBox, run by the BBC and ITV to promote the best of British television and media, from a very low £5.99 a month cost.

The service offers a free trial, or you can get a massive 50% discount for the first three months (secret hint - use code WINTER2021 to sign up, and you'll pay just £2.99 a month!).

Free trials run for a month, so you get the option of testing out the service before subscribing, and you can cancel at any time.

Choosing a Free vs Paid Streaming App

Most of the services we've mentioned here offer a totally free package, at least for a limited period.

It's well worth opting into a free trial since you can get up to a month of premium streaming content without spending anything at all!

We'd recommend thinking about what sort of movies and TV you watch most before selecting a service, since the range of sports, news, documentaries, series and films vary considerably, with a slightly different offering from each provider.

For further details about our recommended TV and movie streaming apps and information about the functionality on offer, visit Best10Index for independent reviews from the experts.

Eight Totally Free Streaming Apps to Download Now

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