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Webflow, despite being a relatively new website builder, has elicited a lot of attention from users and has even invited a comparison with WordPress, the undisputed king of all content management systems.  

In this article, we have reviewed Webflow and its features to help you decide which website builder you want to go with.

"Webflow is the next-generation tool that allows users to design and build performance-rich and visually stunning websites."

Ease of Use

Webflow’s visual editor looks similar to Photoshop, but using it is slightly tougher than other popular website builders. You may even find it overwhelming at first. Although, to give it credit, there are a lot of user manuals, support materials and video tutorials available to take the pain out of this process. Webflow needs to make its user interface a bit simpler.

Templates and Themes

You get a wide array of both free and paid themes and templates, similar to Joomla, Weebly or BigCommerce, though Webflow is quickly adding new themes. Having said that, all available themes and templates are modern, elegant and visually stunning. A big advantage with the Webflow website builder is that your options are not just limited to preset themes; you can even design your site from scratch, though customisation is a bit harder compared to other website builders.

Content Management System (CMS)

Webflow’s CMS is not just limited to site design; you can change practically everything on the page you are designing.  You can choose fields and add items or create a page showing your team members, photos, social testimonials, and a project portfolio etc.  

You can design and build a fully functional website, having both editable static pages and dynamic content like blog posts, portfolio projects, and that, too, without installing plugins.   


Webflow’s SEO compatibility is impressive. You can edit the title, URL, add meta-descriptions, set up 301 redirects, create and deploy a sitemap, and edit robots.txt files. In short, it has everything to optimise your website for SEO and help it rank higher in search engines.  


Undoubtedly, Webflow is not just another website builder, this is the next-generation tool that allows users to design and build performance-rich and visually stunning websites.

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