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Counted among the most complete DIY website builders, Squarespace is known for eye-catching templates with loads of capabilities and features.  The latest version, 7.1, is even better in terms of design and other features. In this article, we have reviewed Squarespace DIY website builder tool to help you understand its various features.

"Squarespace is highly flexible in terms of designs and overall aesthetics."

Ease of Use

Ease of use is certainly a priority for many when choosing a DIY website builder. Though the UI is minimalistic, the usability needs to improve. Unlike other website builders, it demands more time to fully understand everything. For example, finding the elements you are looking for can be a bit tricky initially as they are not very obvious. You need to spend some time to find them. However, with Wix, you can start building instantly.

Themes and Templates 

With more than 100+ templates in their store, Squarespace is highly flexible in terms of designs and overall aesthetics. In version 7.1, changing layouts has become even easier. All of these templates are responsive and mobile-friendly. The business plan allows you HTML/CSS level control.


Among website builders, Squarespace has the best ecommerce features. It has everything to help you sell more. You can add new items, launch marketing campaigns, sell subscription products that charge on a recurring basis, customize email receipts, payment cart, analytics, shipping, automated client reminder tool and product reviews. And  you can also upload bulk products using their csv file template. 

Social Media Integration 

Squarespace allows linking of more than 20 social platforms that include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, Pinterest and YouTube.  You can import content from the website to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. You can even host your own podcast on the Squarespace platform and publish it automatically on Spotify.   


The complicated editing interface was a major reason for annoyance among Squarespace users, this issue has been almost fixed. And without a doubt, Squarespace is a perfect website builder and only a couple of other website builders come close to it. They are simply awesome with the best features and give you great value for money.

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