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PlusDent Review

PlusDent offers an easy method to straighten your teeth from the comfort of your own home.
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  • Easy to use app
  • Dentists are part of the General Dental Council
  • Customers can see required change within 3 months.


  • High one off payment required for payment plans
  • Month long wait time receive first aligners
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PlusDent offers an alternative to traditional braces. PlusDent’s aligners are difficult to see as teeth trays are clear. It means users can wear their trays day in day out, without feeling self conscious of how it looks. Additionally, they can be removed just before you eat or drink, and make teeth cleaning far easier than when wearing metal braces or retainers. PlusDent creates invisible aligners to slowly move your teeth over a period of time, which can be as short as just 3 months. All customers need to do is book a 3D scan of their teeth and have a treatment plan drawn up for them. Scans are free and customers can expect their first aligners to arrive a month after their appointment.


  • Starting from just over £34 a month, depending on treatment level.

Key Feature

  • Custom made aligners from experienced dentists based in Germany.


Invisible aligners offer many people the chance to change their smile with minimal impact as they are so difficult to see. PlusDent’s provision of this service is no different and customers often talk of how comfortable the braces are and how impressed they are with the speed of the treatment. What really sets PlusDent apart from its competitors however are some of the hidden extras that it includes as standard with its care packages - hidden extras that some competitors charge extra for, or should include with their service, but do not.

For example, the company’s dentists are registered with the General Dental Council so customers can be confident that their dental health is being seen to be the very best. The highest medical care is therefore never in question. Additionally the company’s app is a fantastic technological advance that helps customers take control of their treatment plan. Plus, it allows the company to stay in touch with customers easily and stay abreast of how their treatment is going. It means PlusDent regularly checks in on customer progress to ensure they are getting the very best results.

That means that customers enjoy continuous care which is overseen by specialised dentists. Those dentists create individual treatment plans so there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach at PlusDent, a practice that some of its competitors try to get away with. Finally, the aligners are of the highest quality. They are free from BPAs and manufactured at a dental lab in Germany.

Prices start from £34.63 for the ‘lightest’ care treatment plan or a one time payment of £1390. The most expensive treatment plan is £54.56 or a £2190 one off payment. Customers can reduce their monthly payment if they choose to pay upfront.

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Taking the decision to change your smile is often one that has taken a great deal of initial thought. Invisible aligners are never the cheapest product to buy (and if they are you should be very wary of their efficacy). However, PlusDent’s offering is competitively priced, and exceptionally good value. Its service is efficient and professional no doubt thanks to its highly skilled dentists and its intuitive app. The app uses all available technology and software to ensure that an arm’s length treatment plan still works for you without the need for frequent and time consuming trips to the orthodontist. Plus, PlusDent’s aligners are comfotable yet can produce reuslts quickly. While it is an expense very few of us would be able to take lightly, PlusDent’s straightening treatment is definitely a good service to consider when looking to improve your smile.

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