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The Cheapest Teeth Aligners: Which Are the Best Brands?

May 23, 2024
The Cheapest Teeth Aligners: Which Are the Best Brands?

Straightening your teeth with any of the companies making clear aligners in the UK can vary a lot in price. However, for the majority of people, it will still be an added expense to any household so picking the right one, even if it is the cheapest available on the market, is essential. That being said, just because a brand is cheap, does not mean it offers good value. 

And that’s a key idea to grasp. For, there are cheap Invisalign UK brand impersonators out there. They offer cheaper prices, but do a poor job of what a company like Invisalign achieves. It can mean that, even though you shell out hundreds of pounds for that impersonator, you still do not have the dream smile you had hoped for. As a result, you end up paying again for another one of the clear aligners UK companies. You can, therefore, find out the hard way that buying cheap can mean buying twice when it comes to trying to get the best teeth straightening in the UK.

That’s not to say that you need to buy the most expensive brand either. Instead, you need to ensure that any brand you do use, offers the best value for money for you. But what factors affect value for money? That’s what we look into here by outlining what to look for in the best teeth straightening UK brands so that if you find a cheap Invisalign style UK product, you can be sure you’ll still get the results you want. 

What to Look For in The Best Teeth Straightening UK Brands

Customer service

There will be times that you need to ask questions about your treatment or you have queries that you need resolved. Sadly, some companies are left lacking when it comes to this area of their product offering, while others smash it out the park. Reading reviews with particular attention spent identifying how previous customers have found the customer service department will point you in the right direction as to how a potential company you have your eyes on fares against competitors. If the customer service is poor, the likelihood is that the company will not offer you good value for money and may well be cheap for a reason. 

Qualified professionals

Your teeth need a treatment plan designed by experienced professionals. Be sure to check what credentials the dentists and orthodontists your potential aligner manufacturer uses to ensure that your treatment is suitable and appropriate for you. Some firms may take a more one size fits all approach to help cut corners in terms of hiring medical professionals, however, your treatment is less likely to be effective if that is the case, even if it is cheaper. 

Take a look at our detailed review on Straight My Teeth.

Market-leading technology

If you are going for a remote company or for a company where you have regular in person appointments, your treatment plan is more likely to work if the firm uses market leading technology to support your teeth straightening journey. Look for how companies use apps to help further your treatment plan and keep it on course as well as what technology they use in their labs and their surgeries. 3D scanning can help make aligners that are far better fitting than older x-ray style technology which has historically been used to check the inside of mouths. 

Payment plan options

Even if the company you do end up using is considered cheap, the likelihood is that your treatment will still cost a four figure sum. As a result, you may want to look into what payment plan options your potential provider offers. Payment plans may well mean you spend more overall than if you were to pay it all in one lump sum, but it also means you may be able to afford it when the cost is spread out over many months too. 

Regular check ups

Having regular check ups is key to ensure that your treatment is going as it should. However, some companies will ask you to check in with them less often than others - as a way to cut costs so they can offer cheaper treatment plans. That may work for some customers which is great news, however, in instances where the treatment plan is not going as it should, having less regular check ups can negatively impact the effectiveness of a teeth straightening treatment. 

Refinement and post treatment plans

Despite the advancements of medicine and technology, some courses of treatment do not go to plan. As a result, there needs to be some refinement on the part of your healthcare professional about how they are going to deal with the changes you require. Some firms may charge extra for such refinements as they can mean new trays need to be made. Others will include them in their packages. Additionally, look at what your post treatment plan is from your potential provider. Do they place metal wire behind your teeth to help prevent moving in future? And do they provide retainers for you to sleep in for a certain length of time after your treatment has finished? 

Added extras

It could be that the added extras that you require for your treatment come as standard in your package with some companies and not with others. For some people, that may work out better, while for others it could be a much higher expense going with a company where added extras mean additional payments. Think about whether you will want whitening after your treatment has finished - does your potential brand offer that as standard, at a discount or simply as a full price extra? Or, what happens if you lose a retainer? Does your company replace them for free or do they charge you? 

Transparent prices

Some teeth aligner companies make their money by attracting customers with an initial low cost, only for those customers to find that all the necessary work they need actually comes at a far higher price. The reason being is that some companies charge extra for having to change a treatment course or an extra check up here and there. Over the period of time a treatment plan may be, that can really add up to a significant difference. Some companies, in comparison, are far more transparent in the pricing structure. They say what will be included in your plan and what won’t be right from the start. 

Why The Cheapest Aligner Companies Are Not Always The Best

Just because a company offers a teeth straightening service at a highly discounted price to the rest of the market, does not mean that the company offers the best service. Sometimes, it may not even mean that the service they offer provides for your needs. Instead of picking the cheapest aligner treatment, it is therefore highly beneficial to look for the company that offers you and your specific needs the best value for money. As a result, you can be far more certain that you get the results you want and need. y are the best for your needs. Instead, you need a company whose services fit in with your budget and other specific requirements. Knowing what a company offers and how it structures its pricing can be a key way to ensure you don't get any nasty, and expensive, surprises down the road.

The Cheapest Teeth Aligners: Which Are the Best Brands?

Rachel Lee

Having worked at Morgan Stanley and BNYMellon for over 10 years in pensions and investments, Rachel now works as a full-time business and financial writer.