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Straight My Teeth Review

Clear aligners that are affordable so you can pay for your dream smile with ease.
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  • Flexible, with additional WorryFree Protection plan 
  • Referral recommendation payments
  • Quick procedural times


  • Instalment payments make the overall cost far more expensive
  • The impression kit is not included in the overall price
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Straight My Teeth tries to offer what all teeth straightening companies do, yet for a much lower cost. The company’s prices are exceptionally competitive and one of the clear selling points of this easy to use system. All customers need to do is make their own impression at home with the foolproof impression kit. Then, once you have sent that back to Straight My Teeth, their team of professionals quickly set to work creating clear braces for you that slowly move your teeth into a straighter alignment over a number of months. Those aligners are sent to your doorstep and you work through them according to the plan set up for you. Once you have finished your aligner treatment, the company sends you a free set of retainers that you can wear at night to ensure your teeth remain as they are.


  • From £90 a month with the easy instalment plan for 6 months, plus a £359 downpayment

Key Feature

  • The low cost of Straight My Teeth is hard to beat


The benefits of Straight My Teeth are twofold. Firstly, the process of straightening your teeth and getting your much dreamed for Hollywood smile is quick. Thanks to simply sending off your impression kit back to the company, who then takes care of everything for you, all you need to do is put the retainers in your mouth at the right time, and watch as your teeth get straighter and straighter.

Secondly, using Straight My Teeth is cost-saving. The company claims that it is around 60-70% cheaper than other competitors out there. While that may not be the case for every single teeth-straightening company around, it is undoubtedly cheaper than the traditional route of going to the dentist for orthodontic treatment.

It’s also far more pleasurable. Not only is it less time-consuming thanks to never needing to go to see a consultant (unless you want to), wearing clear braces impacts your life less. They’re removable so that if you do need to take them out for the day or for dinner with friends, it's easy to do and with none of the visual impact that traditional wire braces have. Clientele claim that their Straight My Teeth braces are not painful to wear either, perhaps with just the first few hours of a new brace feeling a little ‘tight’. Keeping teeth clean is also easier than with wire braces as you can totally remove the trays when brushing your teeth and allow for continued flossing throughout your treatment.


Straight My Teeth will definitely be a good idea to investigate if you are keen on having your teeth straightened, but do not have the usual necessary funds saved to do so. Currently, its £300 off promotion for its one-off upfront payment plan makes this company’s product hard to beat in terms of cost, yet the company also promises to deliver everything that any other teeth-straightening company does - a Hollywood smile in no time at all. The company even has Night Only clear aligners that you can buy if you do not want to worry about your treatment at all during the day. It’s that kind of stress-free flexibility that makes Straight My Teeth a contender for anyone wanting to adjust their smile.

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