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X-Sense Security Review

Advanced home security systems with smart hubs, sensors and full app management.
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  • Excellent quality motion sensors and app-controlled security cameras.
  • Systems are compatible with other smart home devices so that you can integrate everything.
  • Easy to use, with a simple app to review your security footage or respond to alerts.


  • The notifications from the home security system extend for 1.25 miles, so they may not work well at a distance.
  • Cameras are an additional cost - the security kit is purely sensors and a base station.
  • Prices are all in USD, and you'll have to pay for international shipping if you're a UK customer.
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The X-Sense home security system is an extremely cost-effective way to monitor multiple entry points for intruders, with either a five or eight-piece kit, including a hub, sensors and backup battery, with signals transmitted up to 1.25 miles.

It's compatible with smart home systems, including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. You can beef up your security with security cameras, smart doorbells, extra motion detectors and entry sensors.


  • Home security system - $99.99 (£76) for the five-piece set, or  $122.99 (£93) for the eight-piece kit.

Key Products

  • Well priced home security system to detect intruders.
  • Outdoor security cameras with mobile app control.
  • Smart Video Doorbell, monitoring via smartphone.

Designed For

  • Security-conscious homeowners who want a cost-effective but reliable performance home security system without the hassle of installation. 

Home Security Coverage

The big selling point for the X-Sense home security system is that it's incredibly easy to use, so you won't need to fuss with wires to get your motion detectors up and running. The sensors are quite large but accurate without continual false alerts.

We like the hub, which is compatible with all the major smart home systems - it's a sleek, modern device with LED lighting, so it won't look out of place wherever you keep it.

The basic security package includes the hub, motion sensor, two door or window sensors, and a remote control key fob you can use to turn it on or off. The upgraded set has an extra motion sensor and a further two door or window sensors.


X-Sense is a great choice if you don't have a massive budget to spend but want to give your home security an upgrade. The siren is suitably loud, so you won't overlook an activation, and the hub can manage up to 32 sensors and six remote controls, enough even for the largest of families!

The battery-powered sensors are chunky, but they'll last for about three years, so you won't find your property is vulnerable in a few short weeks. You can customise your system with the menus, for example, setting different chimes for different entry points or amending the sensitivity of your motion sensor.

Everything is recorded in a history log, so it's very simple to use and does a good job of adding a security layer without costing a bomb.

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