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ADT Home Security Review

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The ultimate home security system, with 24/7 monitoring by a professional response team.
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  • Excellent security protection with a package of devices and surveillance monitoring from a trusted name in home security.
  • Huge range of options, including up to 48 user codes to ensure all authorised parties can access your property.
  • Range of optional add-ons, including indoor Wi-Fi cameras, smoke detectors and smart plugs, all connected to your safety system.


  • ADT isn't the cheapest service, although the basic protection package is comparable to far less comprehensive surveillance monitoring.
  • There are no prices on the website, and you have to either organise a home visit or have a video call before you get a quote.
  • Each add-on you'd like is at an added cost, so although there are countless ways to customise your security, it does come at a premium.
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ADT Home Security is one of several packages available from the well-known security brand, along with a raft of high-performance surveillance and alarm products, which you can buy as a standalone or add to a full system for enhanced protection.
It's got everything you can ask for, from a mobile app, fully customised controls, a conventional bell box, and options to expand the protected zone for larger homes, with a massive 64 programmable zones and no less than 48 user IDs!


  • The costs of ADT Home Security vary, so you have to enquire with some details and organise either a video call or home visit before you can get an exact cost.
  • As a rough idea, basic packages start from around £22 per month, up to roughly £45, plus the cost of additional devices you select.

Key Products
Home Security packages include:

  • Bell box with LED light
  • A touch screen alarm panel
  • One wireless door contact
  • Two motion sensors
  • Either a Wi-Fi camera, video doorbell or both (at an additional cost)
  • Access to the mobile app and website portal
  • 24/7 alarm monitoring

Designed For

  • Security-conscious homeowners who want the protection of a full alarm monitoring system.

    Home Security Coverage

    The biggest plus point about choosing ADT is that it's a very slick service and possibly the highest level of security you can get. That's particularly important if you live in a high-crime area, have had neighbours targeted by burglars, or want peace of mind.
    It is a pain to organise a site visit, but we're not talking about a self-managed device you stick on the window with a rubber suction cup; this is the real deal.
    Once you've chosen your package and booked installation, you'll have a visit from a competent security installer who will fix all your devices in place and show you exactly how it all works, so you're ready to get started.


Admittedly, ADT Home Security isn't the cheapest option, but all the DIY packages and video doorbells have an obvious flaw - if you do have an intruder, you're on your own.
You can choose to have a police response integration. If an alarm goes off for a certain period, or there are multiple triggers, your response team will alert the authorities, which could be a literal lifesaver in an emergency.
What sells it for us is the pet detection settings - so you'll be assured that even if you're a multi-dog family, your pets aren't going to give you the fright of your life in the middle of the night!

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