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Verisure Security Review

Award winning alarm technology that provides maximum protection and control over your home’s security.
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  • Speedy installation process means alarm systems can be up and running within just days of asking for a quote
  • Great customer service department providing comprehensive answers to a wide range of questions, quickly. 
  • Robust explanations of the technology and how it works to demonstrate all the features of installed alarm systems.


  • Customer support is for day time hours only. It would be better to see a 24/7 service. The Alarm Receiving Centre is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week though. 
  • Some contracts come with a three month notice period which may be longer than people would be comfortable with.
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Verisure Smart Alarms supply a large number of monitored alarms all over Europe as well as South America. The company comes with decades worth of experience which has meant that they have honed their craft. For example, their customer service is second to none and the technology that they provide is also of a very high standard. Verisure prides itself on offering safety, security, comfort and confidence to its customers. Customers can install a Verisure system, happy in the knowledge that they can see what is going on in their homes, even when they are abroad.


Prices for Verisure vary depending on the complexity of the system chosen to be installed. However, you can expect to pay on average around £700 for the system installation followed by a monthly payment. Again, that will vary according to what level of service you want, but the medium price is around £30 a month.

Key Products

For individuals:

  • Home security system: Can be personalised to offer each individual and household the best solution for them to help prevent theft and other threats affecting their homes. Uses smart technology to help ensure safety with installation being quick, clean and easy.
  • House alarm: All house alarms are connected directly to the company’s alarm receiving centre to help ensure the ultimate level of security is maintained at all times. Security experts decided on what to do after receiving an alarm within 45 seconds (on average).

For businesses:

  • Business alarm systems: Monitored business alarm systems are market leading with Verisure so that companies can help protect their premises - whether they are in constant use or often left unentered for long periods of time. Verisure will work with clients to identify weak points onsite and help address them in the installation process.
  • Commercial security system: One of the most advanced security systems around, Verisure’s technology uses surveillance cameras which can record all types of activity at a business’s various premises.

Designed For

Those who want flexibility in how and what they want to secure with a simple system that is not complicated to run. 

Home Security Coverage

For those looking for home security coverage, Verisure’s systems provide a high level of protection. The cameras and alarms, which are linked to the Alarm Receiving center, provide customers with the ultimate comfort - knowing that someone will be on hand to call guard intervention if required.

Installation may seem like a big upfront cost at first, but Verisure’s wireless technology is quick to integrate into the home and, importantly, it works from the get go. Any issues with the system are speedily dealt with by customer service.


Verisure is a good option for a wide range of people with varying needs in improving their security. The company’s breadth of choice can be adapted to fit in with anyone’s requirements - be they an individual protecting their own home, or a business looking to secure multiple locations.

With backup available in the guise of Guard Intervention, customers can also be sure that they will be safe in case the worst happens - that they have a break in by dangerous criminals. When that is taken into account, the chunky installation price starts to look like very good value.

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