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Neat Nutrition Review

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The cleanest nutrition, with vegan protein powders, nootropics and stress management supplements.
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  • Exceptional quality nutrition, with natural additives such as chamomile and ashwagandha for organic lifestyle support.
  • Good discounts are available on repeat subscriptions, with 20% off each further order.
  • Most Neat Nutrition products are 100% plant-based, so they are a perfect alternative for vegan or vegetarian customers who want to boost their health.


  • The prices aren't the cheapest by a long way, but worth investing in if you are concerned with the ingredients in protein and supplements.
  • A very compact product range, and all supplements are hard tablets rather than chewies.
  • Protein powders only come in chocolate or vanilla flavours, so limited choices.
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Neat Nutrition was launched by a pair of ex-professional swimmers wanting to establish a nutrition company that catered to modern lifestyles. The supplements are all about managing everyday issues such as poor sleep, stress and mental drain that we're all familiar with!

The protein powders are perhaps the best-known range and come in whey or vegan options, with a subscription where you get 20% off each repeat order (but you can cancel after two deliveries if you wish).

At £29.95 per one kg bag, it's not the cheapest, but if you want premium quality nutrition, and options such as fully-functioning nootropics to up your concentration game, it's a very good choice.


  • Whey or vegan protein powder - £29.95 per one kg bag or £23.96 each on a subscription
  • All supplements - £19.95 per 60 capsules or £15.96 with a subscription

Key Feature

  • High-quality nutrition focuses on modern lifestyles, sleep health and stress management.

Nutrition Plan Goals

  • Clean eating, vegan and natural supplementation without synthetics.

Customer Service

Neat Nutrition is an upscale alternative if you want to get the best from your performance or improve general lifestyle issues without resorting to chemicals or protein shakes filled with weird ingredients!

The emphasis here is on natural, organic, and mostly vegan nutrition, with the whey concentrate produced from cheese production - there are no animal products here, and the brand is Vegan Society approved.

Natural flavourings make the protein range a bit limited (strawberry or chocolate), but that's because the flavourings used are vanilla bean or cacao, boosting with amino acids, choline and other fatty acids you need to feel healthy and well.


There are countless protein powders and supplements aimed at avid gym-goers, newbies to exercise, and people who know they need to add a little more protein to their diet to achieve the physique they'd like. Still, Neat Nutrition has found a very defined niche.

Online delivery services are swift, the subscription discounts are great, and you can choose whether to order as a one-off to sample the products or schedule automatic repeat deliveries, so you never run out.

Everything is clean, natural and safe, so it's a good nutrition choice for the health-conscious looking for top-quality supplementation with no animal products or preservatives.

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