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Get Nourished Review

Personalised vitamin stacks, tailored to your health - with a unique kids vitamin delivery service!
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  • Personalised vitamin gummies, with bespoke flavours and finishes - making healthier choices a whole lot tastier!
  • Everything about the brand is eco-friendly, from compostable packaging to plastic-free production.
  • Options to pause or cancel boxes within 24-hours of your next delivery, with free postage on the majority of subscriptions.


  • The FAQs section is a bit annoying - you can't type in a question or keyword, so you have to scroll a fair bit to find the information you're after.
  • Pricing isn't particularly clear; it would be great to have an upfront subscription cost right on the home page!
  • Prepaid annual subscriptions or bundles are not refundable - so only sign up for a year if you're certain.
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GetNourished is a vitamin delivery service, delivering seven 'nourishments' through the post, with auto-renewing subscriptions - but you can cancel any time you like.

All the supplements are wrapped without plastic in fully compostable packaging, sugar-free, delivered every 28 days like clockwork, and 100% vegan. Did we mention that everything is 3D printed? Yep, it's all about cutting edge health over here!


  • £17.99 for the first box, including free delivery
  • £35.99 per month after that
  • 25% discount on a three-box subscription - £90
  • 30% discount on an annual subscription - £360
  • £39.99 for a one-off purchase

Key Feature

  • Tasty gummies, 3D printed, designed based on quiz answers and with your choice of flavour and sweet or sour.

Nutrition Plan Goals

  • Take your pick! You answer a few short questions and indicate what you'd like to achieve - such as better skin, healthier sleep or improved stress management.

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Customer Service

GetNourished vitamins look great - the layered colours are all squished together, so they are ideal for people who struggle to take hard vitamins or swallow pills.

Your ingredients are selected according to your quiz answers, with itemised lists of everything included in your stack, the benefits they offer, and why they've been recommended for you.

Everything comes in a gorgeous packaged box with little wrappers so your gummies won't get stale or hard, and although you'll have to wait up to a few weeks to see results, the customer reviews are pretty amazing!


If you saw the original GetNourished concept on Dragon's Den, it's come a long way since! The quiz is literally a couple of minutes long and easy to complete, and there's a lot of attention to detail in the whole process.

You aren't limited to a subscription and can order a one-off box or pick up specific other vitamins you wish to buy.

Some blends include inner beauty for ageing, nails and hair, inner defence to give your immune system a boost, and inner peace to help manage blood pressure, stress and broken sleep.

All in all, it's an effortless service that isn't the cheapest but has to be one of the easiest ways to give your health aspirations a kick start - and it tastes good too!

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