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ChristianMingle is a faith-based dating website for singles looking for love and meaningful relationships.
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  • User-Friendly Interface: boasts a clean, intuitive interface that makes navigation effortless even for individuals not tech-savvy. Steps to set up an account, browse profiles, or reach out to potential matches are straightforward and easy to follow.
  • High-Quality User Base: As one of the leading Christian dating sites, it attracts a large number of Christian singles genuinely interested in long-term relationships and faithful companionship, thereby increasing the chances of finding a compatible match.
  • Excellent Customer Support: provides timely and efficient customer support, addressing users' queries and concerns promptly. This level of service contributes significantly to a positive user experience on the platform.


  • Limited Features for Free Members: While allows free registration, the functionality for free members is significantly limited. Essential features like messaging are only available with a paid subscription, which may deter some users.
  • Lack of Rigorous Matching Algorithm: Unlike some other dating apps, doesn't have a complex algorithm to suggest matches based on personality traits. This might lead to less targeted suggestions, requiring users to invest more time in finding a compatible partner.
  • Sparsely Detailed Profiles: The profiles on are sometimes insufficiently detailed, which can make it difficult to gauge compatibility before initiating a conversation. More comprehensive profile information might enhance the matching experience.
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Introduction is a prominent player in the sphere of Christian dating sites, offering a platform where faith-focused singles can forge meaningful connections. With its user-friendly interface, in-depth profiles, and advanced matching algorithms, it simplifies the process of finding not just any partner, but the right partner.

This site stands at the intersection of faith and love, providing a virtual meeting place for those who place a high value on their Christian beliefs. Whether you're looking for friendship, casual dating, or a long-term relationship, accommodates a broad spectrum of relationship goals, making it a versatile option among Christian dating apps.

How does work? functions in a way that is both intuitive and effective. Upon signing up, members are required to fill out a comprehensive profile including their religious affiliation, church attendance, career, and personal interests. Additionally, they're encouraged to add photos and answer a series of faith-based questions to further express their Christian beliefs. These profiles then act as the basis for the website's advanced matching algorithm, which uses the data to suggest potential matches.

The more thorough your profile, the better your chance of finding a compatible Christian connection. Users can also browse through profiles and express interest by sending messages or 'smiles'. The combination of this advanced matching system and user-friendly interface makes this platform stand out in the arena of Christian dating sites.

Dating Features

Setting Up Your Profile

Setting up your profile on is a straightforward process designed to help users present their best selves and values. After creating an account, you are prompted to fill out a detailed personal profile. This includes aspects of your faith - such as your denomination, the frequency of church attendance, and the role your faith plays in your life. Personal elements like career, hobbies, and interests are also included, painting a more rounded picture of the individual.

You are encouraged to upload up to six pictures to give potential matches a clearer idea of who you are. In addition, there are faith-based questions to answer, which serve as an opportunity to express your beliefs and spiritual journey in more depth. These comprehensive profiles form the basis of's advanced matching system, with your detailed input improving the likelihood of finding a fitting Christian connection.

Finding Matches

Finding matches on is a seamless and intuitive experience. The platform provides two main ways for discovering potential partners. The first is through the advanced matching system, which uses the information drawn from the detailed profiles to suggest potential matches. This method is based on the compatibility of faith and lifestyle factors, enabling users to find someone who shares similar values and interests.

The second way is through manual search, which allows users to have greater control over the matching process. Users can set specific criteria, such as age range, geographical location, and church attendance, among others. This feature is particularly useful for those who have a clear picture of who their ideal partner should be.

Moreover, improves user experience by providing match recommendations on a daily basis. With the "LookBook" feature, users can browse through profiles anonymously, and if there's a mutual match, both individuals will be notified.

In essence, with its mix of algorithm-based matching and custom search capabilities, provides users with a range of options to find and connect with their perfect Christian partner.

Safety & Security takes the safety and security of its users very seriously. The platform uses advanced encryption technology to protect personal data and operates a strict privacy policy to ensure that user information is handled with utmost care. The site also offers a range of safety tips designed to help users navigate the online dating landscape securely.

A unique feature of is its commitment to maintaining a high-quality user base. The site employs a team dedicated to reviewing and verifying profiles, thereby reducing the risk of encountering fake accounts. Furthermore, users have the option to block or report any suspicious activities or individuals, which the customer service team promptly investigates.

Thus, in addition to its strong Christian connection and dating features, provides a safe and secure environment for users to find love and build meaningful relationships.

Customer Support offers robust customer support, ensuring users have a smooth and pleasant experience on the platform. The team is reachable via email and typically responds within 24 hours, providing effective solutions to user inquiries and issues.

Additionally, the site's comprehensive FAQ section is a valuable resource, addressing a wide range of topics from account setup, profile editing, to understanding the site's security measures. This proactive approach to customer support exemplifies's commitment to creating a user-friendly environment, encouraging Christian connections, and making the process of navigating Christian dating apps simpler and more efficient.

Cancelling or Pausing Subscription provides a straightforward process for cancelling or pausing your subscription. For users who wish to take a break from the platform, the option to pause their subscription is available under 'Account Settings.' By pausing, profiles remain intact for when users decide to return.

On the other hand, the cancellation process is just as uncomplicated. Under 'Account' settings, navigate to 'Subscription' and click 'Cancel Subscription.' The site also allows users to retain their profiles post-cancellation, enabling them to reactivate their premium status anytime they wish.

However, it's essential to note that cancellations must be made 48 hours before the renewal date to avoid additional charges. Both these processes reflect's commitment to user convenience and its understanding of the diverse needs of individuals within Christian dating community.

Key Features of

  • Curated Matches: delivers daily match suggestions based on personal preferences and profile information, enhancing the opportunity for meaningful Christian connections.
  • Advanced Search Filters: The platform allows users to fine-tune their search for potential partners using specific criteria like church affiliation, level of Christian faith, and lifestyle habits.
  • LookBook: A feature that enables users to browse anonymously and view profile photos and basic information, giving them control over who they want to engage with.
  • Messaging+: This premium feature allows users to communicate with all members regardless of their subscription status, increasing chances for interaction and finding potential matches.
  • Safety and Security Measures: prioritises user security with robust measures like profile verification to prevent fake accounts, and an easy-to-access 'Block' feature for user convenience and safety within the Christian dating community.


How much does it cost offers two types of paid membership: Standard and Premium. The Standard membership costs £29.99 for a one-month subscription, £50.97 for a three-month subscription, and £83.94 for a six-month subscription.

The Premium membership, which provides additional features such as message read receipts and profile highlighting, costs £49.99 for a one-month subscription, £104.97 for a three-month subscription, and £149.94 for a six-month subscription.

Please note, these prices may vary, and it's always good to check the website for the most recent pricing information.

What can you do for free

With a free membership on, users can set up their own profile, upload pictures, and browse through the profiles of other users. The search filters allow users to narrow down potential matches by factors such as age, location, and church denomination.

Members can also show interest in other profiles by sending 'smiles', a feature similar to 'winks' or 'pokes' on other platforms. However, to unlock the full communication capabilities of the website, including messaging, users will need to upgrade to a paid membership.

Premium Features

For those who want to take their experience to the next level, upgrading to a Premium membership unlocks a host of useful features:

  • Unlimited Messaging: A Premium membership allows you to engage in unrestricted communication with any member on the platform, providing an unbounded opportunity to connect and form meaningful relationships.
  • Message Read Receipts: This feature lets you know when your recipient has read your messages, adding transparency to your interactions and helping you to gauge the level of interest from your potential partner.
  • Profile Highlighting: Premium members’ profiles get a special badge and are highlighted in search results, increasing visibility and drawing more attention from potential matches.
  • Hide Your Profile: Want to browse without being seen? The hide profile feature available to Premium members allows you to view other members' profiles anonymously.
  • Advanced Filters: Premium members have access to expanded search filters, which can assist in finding an ideal match based on specific criteria related to faith, lifestyle, and personal preferences.

Remember, the goal of these premium features is to enhance the experience on and provide you with the best possible platform to form a strong Christian connection.

Alternatives Vs

When comparing these two Christian dating sites, it's clear that both platforms are designed with the same goal in mind: to help Christian singles find meaningful connections. However, they offer different experiences. excels in terms of features, especially for premium members. From unlimited messaging and advanced search filters to profile highlighting and the option to browse anonymously, it provides a comprehensive toolkit to help members discover potential partners.

On the other hand, is renowned for its vibrant community. Its emphasis on interactive elements like forums and community events encourages users to engage, communicate, and build relationships in a more social setting. It may lack some of the premium features of, but its focus on community makes it a strong contender.

In summary, your choice between these two Christian dating apps may come down to personal preference. If you value a range of features and a streamlined approach to matching, may be the better option. However, if you're drawn to a dynamic community atmosphere, may be more appealing. vs and are both well-known entities in the realm of Christian dating sites. They, too, share the common goal of helping Christian singles build meaningful relationships, but their approaches vary distinctively. offers an impressive suite of features, some of which are exclusive to premium members. These features, such as unlimited messaging, anonymous browsing, and advanced search filters, are designed to enhance your online dating experience and increase the chances of finding a suitable match., as the name suggests, offers a cost-effective alternative for Christian singles. While it does not boast the extensive feature list of, it provides basic messaging and search functionality, which are sufficient for making connections. Furthermore, its free nature attracts a larger user base, potentially increasing your chances of finding a match.

In a nutshell, the choice between these two Christian dating apps largely depends on your particular needs and circumstances. If you seek a feature-rich platform and are willing to pay for premium services, may be your go-to. However, if you are budget-conscious and are content with basic functionality, could be the perfect fit. vs

Comparing and, they both target different niches within the online dating scene. While focuses on creating a space solely for Christian singles to meet, casts a wider net catering to singles of all religious backgrounds., with its features like unlimited messaging and advanced search filters, offers a tailored experience for Christian singles. The platform's emphasis on faith-based connections enhances the chances of like-minded individuals connecting.

On the other hand,, with its renowned compatibility matching system, is designed to aid singles in finding long-term relationships, regardless of their religious affiliations. Their comprehensive personality tests and detailed profiles help to create deep connections based on a wide array of compatibility factors.

Essentially, the choice between the two depends on your preferences. If your Christian faith is a significant factor in your dating life, could be the better choice. However, if you're open to meeting a diverse range of people and are focused on compatibility across various factors, might be better suited.


In conclusion, stands tall among Christian dating sites, offering a dedicated platform for those seeking a Christian connection. Its features are designed to facilitate meaningful conversations and connections, setting it apart from generic dating apps.

While it may not be the perfect fit for all, its focus on Christian values and the commitment to help users find long-term relationships makes it a compelling choice for those in the Christian community seeking love online.

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