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Best10DatingGuide Welcomes New Dating Brands

May 23, 2024
Best10DatingGuide Welcomes New Dating Brands

As the online dating sector looks set to reach a value of $1,754 million in 2020, authenticity remains the most significant barrier to market penetration, particularly for smaller sites and niche brands.

To help brands and consumers with this problem, Best10Labs has launched (, a new service aimed at promoting the best online dating brands on offer, regardless of their size.

Consumers First Approach helps consumers identify the ideal dating site for them by providing them with a broad range of options to choose from.

"Many comparison sites serve up a narrow selection of the same brands every time, regardless of interests and tastes, which isn’t always in the consumer's best interests." saysTim Taylor, Best10Labs founder.

To change this, Best10Labs have designed what they argue is a more consumer-focused approach that introduces a wider range of dating sites - from across the spectrum of brands, sizes and niches - for consumers to choose from.

This approach is also good for the smaller dating brands themselves.

"It can be difficult for smaller brands to get themselves featured on comparison sites, despite them often providing an excellent service." says Tim. “That’s where we thinkBest10DatingGuide can help.” welcomes new dating brands

The Best10 Guide already features more than 60 brands, across ten dating niches and four countries, and aims to feature more brands and niches over the coming months.

Every brand is open to authentic review processes and independent reviewer reports.

Tim says, "We are always open to reviewing and featuring new sites, so are keen to hear from dating brand owners who would like to be reviewed."

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If you wish for your brand to be included, please contact Best10Scout as below:

Best10DatingGuide is the first review site to be launched by Best10Scout in 2020.

Best10DatingGuide Welcomes New Dating Brands