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Ten Ideas for a Laid-Back Valentine's Day

March 13, 2024
Ten Ideas for a Laid-Back Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day has become such a huge commercial enterprise it has created a mass of pressure, with millions feeling that they have to spend a bundle to make it memorable.

The great news is that if you spend any time on alternative dating sites, you'll probably know that the true romantics among us don't need diamonds and super-sized bouquets to feel loved.

Today, Best10Index runs through some of our favourite ideas for a chilled out February 14th to inspire you to approach your date on your preferred free dating sites with a Valentine's plan that they'll adore.

1. Romantic Valentines Dinners - At Home

Restaurant dinners might seem the done thing, but we know from our experiences reviewing the top 10 dating sites UK that's it's all a bit forced.

Most people want effort over expense, so take the time to find a great recipe, pick quality ingredients, and prepare your dining table for a private dinner that will be all that more personal.

How about picking up a beautiful tablecloth, putting together a playlist of your date's favourite music, and charming them with a meal you've created from scratch.

2. Spa Experiences That Shine

Very few people don't find a spa experience blissful, but booking somewhere to go, finding time in your schedule, and of course, the expense isn't always ideal.

Surprise your loved one with a sensory home spa:

  • Fill your bath with warm, bubbly water, lighting some candles for ambience.
  • Buy aromatherapy massage oils and give your partner a luxurious back rub.
  • Use a foot spa to soak away your worries together.

You can get creative with bath bombs, mud masks and nail treatments, or go for something as simple as a bath, with a few added extras thrown in.

3. Dancing the Night Away

Love to dress up in your fanciest outfits and go on the dance floor for a whirl? You can make that happen right in your living room, with little cost and a bit of preparation.

We often forget the pure joy of dancing, especially when our modern lives are so packed with chores, work and responsibilities - so this will make it a night to remember.

You can turn your lounge into a ballroom or disco room, learn a few killer moves online, rent outfits if you're into classic salsa, and let the beat guide you.

4. Movie Nights With a Twist

Sitting down together to watch a romantic movie is a bit of a cliché (and might be something you do together regularly!).

There are tonnes of ways to make movie night a Valentine's edition, such as:

  • Playing movie roulette - although you can decide how many passes you each get if you stumble on something you really don't want to watch!
  • Downloading a series you love - watching back-to-back movies in a genre you both enjoy can make it a movie marathon (provided you don't have to be up early).
  • Converting old family films, snippets on your phone, or your wedding video to a file or USB you can watch on your TV. 

5. Outdoor Moonlit Picnics

Everybody loves a picnic - and if you're on a limited budget, you can set up something gorgeous in your garden, out in the countryside, or even in a local park.

Picnics work at any time of day, but for Valentines, we love the thought of cuddling underneath a soft blanket, snacking from a hamper filled with treats.

You can pack up a basket yourself or buy a grazing box if you don't have a lot of time, lighting some candles. Here's a tip - buy a camping candle or one specifically made for s'mores (they're gel-based rather than wax).

Some marshmallows, bamboo skewers and sticky fingers will make it feel a little special.

6. Themed International Evenings

Alternative dating sites are amazing places to meet people from around the world or different life experiences that bring something fresh to your life.

Themed evenings are a fantastic way to put a spin on a traditional dinner.

Try an Italian, Mexican or French night with food, movies, music and drinks to match, and take a spin around the world without needing to put your shoes on.

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7. Games Nights for Two

Most people looking for romance on free dating sites don't have a huge expendable income to spend on one evening, so keeping it simple can make everyone more relaxed!

Game nights make us feel like kids, so it's a perfect way to kick back, chill out, and have a good belly laugh.

Pick a traditional board game, invite another couple to come to play, or choose a video game that you both enjoy - effortless, quality time.

8. Valentines Day Bucket Lists

Shared goals are a wonderful way to connect, so why not crack out a bottle of decent wine and sit down over candlelight to discuss your dreams and aspirations!

Bucket lists can be as silly or wild as you like and could be:

  • A list of all the things you wish for your wedding day.
  • Things you'd love to experience together in the future.
  • All the countries you can't wait to visit.
  • Achievements you want to work towards together.

It's a low-cost activity that means a lot more than a card and will be something you can look back on as you grow together.

9. Making a Couple's Time Capsule

Time capsules are romantic and fun - and making something together can cement your commitment as a couple.

This is a fantastic way to share memories and talk about your treasured memories and favourite trips you've taken.

Pick ticket stubs, first date photos, write letters to yourself, and pack them beautifully in a shoebox or biscuit tin - perhaps to be opened on the same day, but in 20 years.

10. The Classic Breakfast in Bed

There is, in our humble opinion, little better than a lovely lazy lie-in waking up to the smell of pancakes and coffee served to you in your cosy nest by the person you love.

You can be as indulgent as you like (hand-ground coffee, smoked salmon and French toast, anyone?) or make it a traditional full English breakfast for dates with the biggest of breakfast appetites.

Ten Ideas for a Laid-Back Valentine's Day

Lauren Edwards-Fowle

Lauren is a freelance writer passionate about how we develop rewarding experiences, and overcoming the barriers we face to living our best lives. Lauren writes regularly about the modern world of dating, relationships, parenthood, and social dynamics.