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Butternut Box Review

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  • All the meal pouches Butternut offers are made from great ingredients, with premium cuts of meat and added veggies.
  • If your pup doesn't like any of the flavours, you can log in at any time and switch up the recipes they receive.
  • Once you've entered your dogs' details, pricing is transparent, so you can see exact costs with and without introductory offers.


  • Butternut isn't cheap - and it's significantly pricier than a basic complete dry dog food.
  • You'll need a decent amount of freezer space to order monthly deliveries (although you get a specific guide to know how much room it'll take up).
  • No two doggy food plans are the same, so it's pretty hard to determine an exact price without entering some details.
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Butternut Box isn't the cheapest dog food. Still, it's an excellent service if you have fussy eaters, dogs with specific dietary requirements, or want to feed amazing meals that smell like you could eat them yourself.

The meals are customised to your pup, so you select their breed, age, weight, and indicate any health conditions, and then can pick and choose between meats, recipes and flavours to keep those tails wagging.


Prices depend on whether you're feeding all Butternut or choosing the meals to mix with dried kibble.

As an example, we looked at two dogs, one medium one large and received a quote for £30.94 for week one:

  • Medium dog, £1.98 per day (reduced from £2.33 a day).
  • Large dog, £2.44 per day (reduced from £2.87 a day).

Key Features

  • The USP of Butternut is that the meals are made from exceptional quality ingredients - so fresh they're suitable for human consumption!
  • There are multiple flavours (pretty important for picky canines), all fine for freezing so that you can bulk order and stock up on dog food for the weeks ahead.

Species / Ages Suitable For

  • Butternut Box is suitable for any age or breed (and if you have a rescue, you just specify your pooch's approximate weight and age!).

Customer Service

Butternut Box is a pet food subscription service, and for a slightly higher price point than a complete dry food, it's got the customer support you'd expect.

Millions of dogs don't get on well with dried food (particularly golden oldies or canines with teeth troubles), and there are many ways to cut back on costs by ordering in bulk - you can freeze all the pouches - or combining Butternut with lower-cost food.

Plans are calculated depending on the criteria you enter, so a working dog and a mildly lazy toy breed will have completely different portion sizes and suggested recipes, so it's ultra-tailored.


Dog owners always want to feed their furry friends the very best, and the attention to detail in Butternut Box foods is hard to beat. Example meals include:

  • Beef it Up - with sweet potatoes, peas and a little rosemary.
  • Swish Fish Dish - sustainably sourced fish with carrots and kale.
  • You've Got Game - venison, wild boar, guineafowl and pear.
  • Ready Steady Veggie - veg with cheese, eggs and parsley.

If you're after excellent dog food (with ingredients that combat a stack of typical health issues caused by all the synthetics and additives in other options), it's money well spent. Your pup will be forever excited by the next tasty meal you pour into their bowl!

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