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Top Tips on Choosing a Pet Food Delivery Service for Multi-Pet Households

May 23, 2024
Top Tips on Choosing a Pet Food Delivery Service for Multi-Pet Households

Let’s run through some tips and advice for maximising the value you receive from a pet food delivery service and which of our top-rated suppliers provides more than just dog food.

1. Order in Bulk to Minimise Shipping Costs

If you bulk your orders together and source everything from the same supplier, you’ll usually spend less overall. 

2. Buy Larger Packs or Mix and Match

Rather than buying one brand from one shop or picking up dietary food from the vet, you're better off purchasing your brands together because even if the face value looks the same, you'll typically make a saving on discounted basket totals.

3. Find a Pet Food Delivery Service That Caters to Every Animal

Picking a pet supplier you trust and with a large enough range to cover every requirement minimises the number of times you need to shop and also gives you access to those larger order discounts we've discussed.

4. Compare Delivery Options

You get delivery within two to five business days in the states or within 12 to 20 days globally, and you can provide an alternate delivery address. Once your order is dispatched, you get a tracking number so you can see exactly where your package is and when it's going to be delivered.

5. Look for Loyalty and Referral Schemes

·      BoxDog has a cat and dog affiliate programme offering discounts.

6. Shop Around for Deals and Prices

Finally, don’t forget to revisit your pet food delivery options and check out other suppliers from time to time – because if you’re paying more than you need to for comparable products, or the same brand from a pet supplies supermarket, it will quickly add up.
Pet food can be expensive, but by using bulk orders, loyalty schemes, referrals, free shipping, multi-pet offers and discount repeat orders, you can make life more cost-effective and more convenient and reduce the time and outgoings you spend taking care of your furry family members.
For more advice about the best pet food delivery options in the UK and worldwide, you can find discount codes and impartial reviews through Best10, including our scores out of ten and detailed information about what to expect.
We also add new reviews or brands to our top ten pet food delivery service ratings when we come across a company that deserves a mention, so it’s always worth checking back from time to time!

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Top Tips on Choosing a Pet Food Delivery Service for Multi-Pet Households

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