Top Tips on Choosing a Pet Food Delivery Service for Multi-Pet Households

December 7, 2022
Top Tips on Choosing a Pet Food Delivery Service for Multi-Pet Households

Pet food delivery services can be a fab way to save money on your pet supplies, whether you have a particularly picky pup who needs a specific diet or a feline friend that requires special food to encourage them to enjoy dinner times.
It's also convenient – you can set up a subscription, get your pet food on repeat, and never need to worry about a mad dash to the shop because Max is out of kibble and Harold the hamster doesn't have any seed mix!
However, what happens if you have several pets (potentially of different species!) and need to keep everyone fed, happy and healthy – on a budget?
Let’s run through some tips and advice for maximising the value you receive from a pet food delivery service and which of our top-rated suppliers provides more than just dog food.  

1. Order in Bulk to Minimise Shipping Costs

Our first suggestion is to ensure you cover all your pet product requirements in one order, especially if you’re setting up repeat subscriptions or want to replicate the same order again in the future.
Why? Because you’ll normally get free shipping or another discount if you place one larger order rather than several small top-ups throughout the month.
For example, James Wellbeloved provides free shipping for any order over £25, Monster Pet Supplies gives you a 10% discount for a repeat delivery order, or Paws offers a 50% discount on delivery for orders over £39 or free delivery over £49.
If you bulk your orders together and source everything from the same supplier, you’ll usually spend less overall.  

2. Buy Larger Packs or Mix and Match

We’re well aware that, just because you have two dogs or two cats, they might not eat exactly the same meals, so you don’t necessarily want one huge 30 kg sack of dry food that will take one pet about three months to get through!
Nor do you always have space for enormous stashes of bulk buy pet food to save a few pounds on delivery – BUT you can go for a mix-and-match option or buy the middle-ground pack sizes to make a saving.
Here’s a quick comparison:
·      A small 3.5 kg bag of Pro Plan Veterinary Diet cat food from Monster Pet Supplies costs £35.49 with the current 25% discount offer – that’s still £10.14 per kilo (although much less than you’d pay at your vet!).
·      Buy the very same food, but go for two bags, and you’ll pay £64.39, get a bigger 32% discount, and have free delivery thrown in. Overall, you’re paying £9.20 a kilo, or 9.3% less simply for ordering more in one go (without calculating the saving on delivery).
This cost efficiency applies almost everywhere – if you’re ordering custom dog food boxes, you’ll often get a small discount on the second box if you have more than one pet in your home, so it’s worth buying all their food from the same place.
You can also combine different items into one delivery from many of the best pet food delivery services. Paws has tons of brands as one example, including Canine Choice, Purina Pro Plan, Royal Canin and Hills.
Rather than buying one brand from one shop or picking up dietary food from the vet, you're better off purchasing your brands together because even if the face value looks the same, you'll typically make a saving on discounted basket totals.  

3. Find a Pet Food Delivery Service That Caters to Every Animal

Next, let’s think about multi-pet households with several pets. You might have, say, one dog, one guinea pig, a cat or two and perhaps a budgie. Although pet food suppliers that specialise in dogs, for instance, probably can’t help with the rest of your menagerie, there are plenty of others that can!
Here is a quick run-through of our favourite pet food delivery services that aren’t limited to one species:
·      James Wellbeloved: dogs and cats.
·      Monster Pet Supplies: dogs, cats, small pets, birds, and horses.
·      Paws: dogs and cats.
·      BoxDog: dogs and cats.
The benefit is that if you have one pet food delivery service that can send repeat orders, you’ll have one task taken care of – and you can often order more than just food.
Our pets need all sorts of bits and pieces to keep them active, and well looked after, so you might prefer a pet product supplier that can dispatch flea and tick treatments, beds and bowls, toys and treats, leads, harnesses, car seatbelts, carry boxes – the list could potentially be endless!
Picking a pet supplier you trust and with a large enough range to cover every requirement minimises the number of times you need to shop and also gives you access to those larger order discounts we've discussed.  

4. Compare Delivery Options

Fresh dog food is ideal for pups that don't enjoy complete dry food and is sometimes necessary for older dogs, smaller breeds, or those with health conditions such as dental issues, which mean they need fresh pouches or soft food.
Missing a delivery, waiting days for it to be re-attempted, or getting a ‘sorry we missed you’ text as you’re in the middle of a busy day is a pain, so have a look for the delivery options, and what happens if your parcel arrives when you’re out.
Larger pet supply orders can be big and heavy if you’re buying in bulk or getting bags of dry food or stacks of tins, so it’s best to think through the practicalities so you won’t end up chasing your tail because your monthly pet food order hasn’t arrived!
Butternut Box delivers customised dog food based on your pet’s age, size, and breed, but you can set up your account to advise what you’d like the courier to do if you happen to be out.
Food is delivered frozen and in an insulated box, so it won't thaw or go bad straight away. You can specify a safe place you'd like your pet food to be left or will receive a text from the driver asking for instructions – no soggy cardboard to collect from the post office or hungry dog come dinner time!
Maxbone offers a similarly convenient service, and the premium dog food brand delivers within the US and internationally (dry food, supplies and gifts).
You get delivery within two to five business days in the states or within 12 to 20 days globally, and you can provide an alternate delivery address. Once your order is dispatched, you get a tracking number so you can see exactly where your package is and when it's going to be delivered.  

5. Look for Loyalty and Referral Schemes

If you’re buying repeat pet food deliveries or ordering supplies and treats for several pets, a loyalty scheme could be very useful! These work like a supermarket points system, where you accumulate credits.
Once you've built up a decent points balance, you can either use these to cover the cost of a whole order (perhaps a special delivery of treats for a festive occasion!) or take a discount on each subsequent order.
The more you buy, the more loyalty points you get, and there are some other perks, such as membership exclusives, first access to sales, ongoing discounts on certain services, or free guides about pet nutrition, behaviour, or grooming.
Monster Pet Supplies offer Paw Points on most product lines; you get one point for each £1 you spend, excluding delivery charges where applicable. Customers can redeem points in the reward shop and pick something for their pet from the options available.
Referral schemes are also an easy way to reduce the cost of pet supplies or earn a small commission for recommending a supplier to a friend:
·      James Wellbeloved offers a 20% discount for first orders from a referral link.
·      Butternut Box provides a 50% referral discount.
·      Monster Pet Supplies offers money off your next order for affiliate referrals.
·      BoxDog has a cat and dog affiliate programme offering discounts.  

6. Shop Around for Deals and Prices

Finally, don’t forget to revisit your pet food delivery options and check out other suppliers from time to time – because if you’re paying more than you need to for comparable products, or the same brand from a pet supplies supermarket, it will quickly add up.
Pet food can be expensive, but by using bulk orders, loyalty schemes, referrals, free shipping, multi-pet offers and discount repeat orders, you can make life more cost-effective and more convenient and reduce the time and outgoings you spend taking care of your furry family members.
For more advice about the best pet food delivery options in the UK and worldwide, you can find discount codes and impartial reviews through Best10, including our scores out of ten and detailed information about what to expect.
We also add new reviews or brands to our top ten pet food delivery service ratings when we come across a company that deserves a mention, so it’s always worth checking back from time to time!

Top Tips on Choosing a Pet Food Delivery Service for Multi-Pet Households

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