The Top Pet Food Delivery Services for Pets With Allergies and Intolerances

December 27, 2022
The Top Pet Food Delivery Services for Pets With Allergies and Intolerances

Buying pet food for a furry friend with specific dietary needs can get expensive. If you've ever bought animal food from a vet or needed to cover the cost of prescription diet supplements, you'll know just how eye-wateringly pricey it can get!
Pet food delivery services are a brilliant way to bulk buy, redeem loyalty points, or claim percentage discounts for repeat subscriptions. But are they suitable for dogs, cats and small pets with allergies or intolerances?
We'll take a look at the best pet food delivery services that cater to special diets and how much you might be able to save.  

Common Allergies and Intolerances in Pets

The first thing to explain is that an allergy and intolerance are two different things. If you suspect your pet has an allergy, it's extremely important you visit a vet and have this correctly diagnosed because serious allergies can even be life-threatening.
However, for the most part, pet allergies are treatable by avoiding certain foods and products that can make your pet feel very unwell. Common examples include:  

  • Beef allergies in dogs and cats
  • Fish allergies in cats
  • Wheat allergies in dogs
  • Dairy allergies in dogs and cats.

Some breeds are also more prone to being allergic, with canines such as German Shepherds, Irish Setters, Cocker Spaniels, and Shar Pei dogs most likely to present signs of an allergic reaction.
Food sensitivities or intolerances are significantly more common. They could involve problems with eyes or ears, repeatedly scratching, licking, chewing, or rubbing along walls and carpets to relieve sore, itchy skin.
Other pets experience upset stomachs, vomiting, skin irritations, bacterial infections, and other complications, so it is vital you work out what they are sensitive or allergic to and cut this from their diet completely.  

How to Feed a Pet With Allergies or Intolerances

Once you’ve established what is causing the problem, you have a few different options, all of which involve carefully selecting foods and treats to prevent exposure to any ingredient that is triggering signs of illness or discomfort.
You might opt to follow an elimination diet, removing each suspected trigger one at a time to see whether there is any positive result.
Vets will normally recommend a hypoallergenic food that does not contain any traces of common allergens, such as wheat or beef or you might switch to a single protein diet to avoid feeding mass-produced food where you can't be 100% certain of the ingredients.
The right option will depend on your pet, the vet's advice, and budget, but you also need to check medications, treats, dental chews, and shampoos to ensure you don’t accidentally reintroduce something you have cut from your pet’s diet.
We’d reiterate the importance of speaking with a veterinary professional before making any decisions.
Some gastrointestinal upsets are caused by an infection or condition rather than diet, and you need to be confident that changing your pet’s food will solve the problem.  

The Best Pet Food Delivery Services for Pets With Dietary Needs

Now we’ll explore some of the best options, with information about hypoallergenic, free-from or controlled pet food available for direct delivery to your door.  

Butternut Box

Butternut Box is one of the most popular options for dog owners who need specially-made food for pets with allergies or intolerances – you get 25% off your first box when you sign up.
The company first asks which breed of dog you have, and you then run through a quiz that asks about things like:  

  • The age and health of your pet.
  • What sort of food they prefer (e.g., wet, dry, or mixed).
  • Their tastes – whether your dog is a picky eater or regularly refuses to eat.

From there, you get a recommended pet food delivery, with everything cooked at 90 degrees and then frozen to avoid using preservatives and retain natural vitamins and minerals.
There are tons of options, each of which has a guide to show that the food is free from allergens or grains, which are best for weight management, dog food flavours that are good for easy digestion, and those designed for joint health.
You can even order repeat pet food deliveries for completely vegetarian food, so there is a solution for even the most complex pet diets.  

Monster Pet Supplies

Monster Pet Supplies is a huge online pet superstore and stocks a range of foods for cats, dogs, and other pets – ideal if you need to order pet food for multiple animals!
You can buy premium branded pet food with discounts as high as 40% based on normal retail prices and set up repeat deliveries to receive discounts such as free delivery or further price reductions.
There are countless pet food brands, including wet and dry food and treats, including some of these hypoallergenic foods you might be familiar with:  

  • Hills Science Plan
  • Purina Light
  • Purina Pro Plan
  • Royal Canin Veterinary Diets
  • James Wellbeloved Grain Free
  • Specific FID

If you’re buying prescription diet food from your vet, it’s very likely you’ll be able to reduce your costs by a significant margin by setting up a repeat pet food delivery through Monster Pet Supplies.  


BoxDog is a bit like a hamper service for dogs, and you get a free box when you subscribe to an annual or monthly prepaid subscription. Boxes contain all sorts, from vegan skincare products to handmade treats, toys, and clothing accessories.
You pick your own items, so you can customise each box and pick the right treats, chews or toys for their breed and preferences.
While BoxDog isn’t solely a pet food delivery company, it could be a great option if you need special treats for your pet – and it makes for an awesome Christmas or birthday gift!
Each order contains up to three bags of handmade treats and one extra item, such as a skincare product or chew.  

James Wellbeloved

James Wellbeloved is a long-established pet food brand specialising in dog and cat food. All the food is produced in the UK and is naturally hypoallergenic – the brand eliminates all the common allergens to create healthy, sensitivity-friendly food.
You can also enter your pet's name and weight to find the right food products for them, with free shipping available on orders over £25 or on all repeat subscription orders.
There are also speciality foods, including:  

  • Grain-free foods.
  • Light pet food for weight management.
  • Hypoallergenic food (although all James Wellbeloved food is selected without allergens).
  • Superfoods containing ingredients such as kale, quinoa, sweet potato, and chia.

Each product page has an ingredients tab at the bottom so you can check for any specific allergens or intolerances before you buy.  


Maxbone is a premium dog food and accessories store and creates its own range of superfoods, free of all the common culprits, including:  

  • Gluten
  • Grains
  • Corn
  • Sugar
  • Wheat.

You can order Muscle Up, Glow Up or Boost Up, depending on your pet's breed, health, and age, designed to provide high-quality food packed with essential nutrition.
Maxbone dog food blends contain active cultures that improve canine digestion, boost their immune system, and are free-dried before shipping for freshness.
Although you'll need to pay for international shipping if you live outside the US, you can save 15% on your pet food if you subscribe and specify how often you'd like your repeat orders to arrive, from every 14 days to once a month.  

Benefits of Feeding Hypoallergenic Pet Food

Most pet owners switch to grain-free or hypoallergenic food when their pet becomes unwell or shows signs of a food intolerance – but others prefer to buy premium pet food regardless to prevent the chance of any possible allergic reaction.
Natural foods and those made without preservatives and artificial substances are known to benefit animals’ immune systems, dental health, digestion, and coats.
The issue with standard pet food is that most brands use artificial colours, chemicals, and other additives to make the food look or smell better – but there are often minimal percentages of actual meat, vegetables, or other ingredients.
Hypoallergenic pet food prevents intolerances from forming because these tend to develop over time and become worse and worse until you change your pet's diet.
Dogs and cats are designed to eat plenty of protein, so creating natural pet food with proteins that are never recognised as an antigen heavily reduces the potential of an allergic reaction or intolerance.
The good news is that a pet food delivery service can make it much more affordable to bulk buy or repeat order sensitive dog food without having to pay multiple times the price of regular food products at the vet.
Although our list isn't exhaustive, it hopefully gives you a good idea about the many alternative options out there, discounts and price reductions available online, and some of the easiest ways to manage your pet’s diet.
We’d always suggest you visit your vet if you have any concerns about your pet’s health or welfare and seek their advice if you are worried about their food and need professional guidance about which ingredients to avoid.

The Top Pet Food Delivery Services for Pets With Allergies and Intolerances

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