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NordVPN Review

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NordVPN is the smart choice for high-tech protection and stunning privacy tools at premium prices.
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  • Top-quality functions, including WireGuard VPN technology, split-tunnelling, a free Tor connection and double-VPN for multi-hopping.
  • A dark web feature fishes out the dark web repositories, which notoriously sell login information.
  • NordVPN's app is great, regardless of the platform you use with the CyberSec feature, to block malicious sites and ads.


  • The Tor anonymisation system can sometimes move at a reduced speed
  • Nord's dark web monitor is only available on iOS.
  • Streaming Netflix from Canada and the UK is perfectly fine, but you can only access Netflix Originals with the US servers. You'll see temporary pixelated images if you use long-distance servers.
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When it boils down to securing your privacy and security from hackers and pop-up ads, NordVPN is a data protective beast! It’s power-packed with features including a subscription add-on including a static IP address valid for a month.

Think of NordVPN as that fruit shake with all the essential nutrients you need to keep your body in excellent shape or, in this case, the combo to keep you up and about without your online activities leaving a trace.

Its catalogue of resources is pretty impressive, so let's dig into the core components:


  • £10.61 per month (billed monthly)
  • £52.39 per annum (58% discount)
  • £79.03 for the first two years (68% discount)

Key Features

  • Latest WireGuard technology
  • Six devices connected simultaneously
  • Direct access to the Tor anonymisation 
  • Impressive Split Tunnelling 
  • P2P optimised servers 
  • Bitcoin support

Security and speed

  • Breakneck speed with WireGuard and assured security with NordPass and Nordlocker.

VPN Reliability

One thing that makes this VPN so amazing is access to Tor - a slick and free feature that makes your movements untraceable.

Your data is well protected with the NordPass password manager and the Nordlocker for file encryption. This VPN handles every area of your online experience with detail and precision.

As we get comfy with 5G, NordVPN keeps upgrading with a current setup of 10Gbps servers to replace the 1Gbps in its fleet.

NordVPN has outstanding functionality with specific features on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows apps and also supports Linux, with some routers auto-configured to connect via NordVPN.


NordVPN's new-tech investments provide subscribers with nothing but the best with multiple features and touchpoints. These improvements are well thought out, and while it isn't the cheapest VPN on the market, there are some sizeable discounts in your first year.

NordVPN's unique selling point is access to all of the best security features in one bundle without paying extra for additional tools. The global fleet of servers delivers a first-class user experience.

As millions continue to download the app on Playstore, we’ll wait to see what the Nord team will come up with to wow us in the months to come.

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