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MyHeritage DNA Review

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If you're after a fun, immersive family research DNA test kit, MyHeritageDNA is for you!
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  • Your test results are processed extremely fast and often in a matter of days.
  • There are multiple tools and resources to keep digging into your heritage, build a family tree and even animate old photos to feel closer to your ancestors.
  • DNA test kits come with one fixed price per person, so it's straightforward.


  • The DNA test cost does not include return postage, and all family tree subscriptions are an added extra.
  • Results are presented very well, but they're not as in-depth and don't include a guide to interpret the information.
  • There are multiple subscription options, which may be a little confusing if you're not sure what to go for!
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MyHeritageDNA has a stack of services, add-ons, subscription options and DNA testing options, whether you're curious about your heritage or want to trace back your ancestors throughout your family.

The test itself is simple - priced at a straightforward £79 - but you can do all sorts of interesting things like colourise and animate old family photos, search historical records, build a personalised family tree and invite relatives to get involved.


  • DNA test kit - £79
  • Basic plan - £0 (limited family tree)
  • Enhanced plan - £59 for the first year, £89 a year after that.
  • PremiumPlus plan - £109 for the first year, £169 a year after that.
  • Data plan - £79 for the first year, £129 a year after that.
  • Complete plan - £139 for the first year, £229 a year after that.

Key Features

  • MyHeritageDNA is more of a family tree builder that you can subscribe to and keep growing year on year as you uncover more about your heritage and history.
  • The difference is the sheer volume of tools and resources at your fingertips - with an enhanced family tree tracing back up to 2,500 people or an unlimited scope with the PremiumPlus plan.

Analysis available

DNA test kits show you your ethnic origins,  delivering results with an animated report set to music to help you see where your family originally came from.

The DNA Testing Process

Once you order a DNA test kit from MyHeritageDNA, you'll get a pack in the post. You need to register the barcode to your online account and take a quick swab.

The vials are returned to the lab for testing, but you need to pay the postage - there's a return envelope, but it isn't prepaid.

Results come through rapidly, usually in under a week, and you can spin round the globe to delve into your family tree, with a report showing your genetic makeup split into percentages. Hence, you have a comprehensive idea about your heritage, no matter how diverse it might be!


MyHeritageDNA is a fantastic service for individuals interested in their heritage, with the option to keep learning and finding out more if you decide to take things further.

The results are easy to understand and include basic family tree software to run through historical records and map out up to 250 family members.

Suppose you're keen to get family members involved and build up an accurate profile of how your ancestors migrated over the years? 

In that case, you can opt for a family plan which is massively cost-effective if you have a large family (or new relatives you're just discovering!).

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