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Living DNA Review

LivingDNA offers an informative, reliable ancestry kit with an in-depth analysis of your heritage.
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  • Analysis of your DNA is remarkably detailed, covering a whopping 150 regions worldwide.
  • You can combine both ancestry and wellbeing tests with a reduced price for purchasing both kits together.
  • The pricing is very competitive, particularly given the skill and expertise behind the DNA testing services.


  • DNA test results aren't quick - you need to wait six to eight weeks.
  • Some of the best features aren't included in the cost, so you'll need to pay extra for things like a personalised book explaining your DNA results.
  • Shipping is an additional cost and is excluded from the kit prices.
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LivingDNA is one of many DNA testing services that help you uncover your roots, where your family originates from, and discover markers in your health that may help you avoid certain conditions.

Unlike the competition, the company has been around for years. The parent organisation was established way back in 2004, now with over 100 scientists, experts and researchers to deliver exceptionally accurate results about the secrets under your skin.

Let's look into what you get from a LivingDNA home test kit and whether it's good value for money.


  • Ancestry kit £79 reduced from £99
  • Wellbeing kit £99 reduced from £129
  • Wellbeing and ancestry kit £149 reduced from £179

Key Features

  • Analysis going back by up to 15 generations
  • Full migration history and optional family matching services
  • Wellbeing reports offer information about things like good insensitivities, vitamin supplementation and endurance
  • Raw data files provided with analysis 

Analysis available

The ancestry and wellbeing kits are slightly different - one provides comprehensive tracing information and the other guidance about susceptibility to health conditions or an evaluation of your overall wellness. 

The DNA Testing Process

Ordering a LivingDNA test kit is pretty effortless - and you can order online and receive your testing kit in the post, shipped to anywhere in the world either via a standard or express service.

There are no pinpricks or blood specimens, and you simply take a mouth swab to capture your DNA and return the sample in the post.

Results do take a fair bit of time (six to eight weeks), but the expertise at LivingDNA means it's probably well worth the wait if you want to have authentic information about your heritage and results that you trust.

The family matching service is an optional extra. Still, it could be a fantastic opportunity for anybody who has lost touch with their relatives to track down long lost family members and establish communications.


LivingDNA is a respected home DNA test kit provider, backed by professional lab analysis and delivering deep-dive research results about your heritage, family origins, health and overall wellbeing.

Yes, it takes a good few weeks to get your results back. But, if you're interested in accuracy over anything else, this is a reliable service provider offering very competitive pricing for such a technically advanced testing service.

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