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LiquidWeb Review

Promising an unrivalled experience with 99.999% uptime and dedicated servers to fit your needs
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  • Customer service is all day every day
  • Hard to beat uptime
  • Range of packages to suit many


  • More expensive than many competitors
  • Lacks shared hosting
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Liquid Web is a big brand name for a reason. It aims to have a fully customizable, highly flexible product that can answer almost any person’s needs. Be they a sole trader to a large scale company. The majority of its customers will be small to midsize businesses who want a fully managed VPS and dedicated server product. What’s particularly great about Liquid Web is the fact that in addition to a company being able to make use of the fact that Liquid Web’s servers are off site at their own data centres, they also serve up files remotely. If you need, you can also get Liquid Web to take care of much of your administrative burden you experience when running a website.


  • Starting at $169 a month for dedicated, customizable single tenant traditional servers

Key Feature

  • Large range of products to suit every imaginable need, with a fully customizable product.

Key features

When it comes to web hosting, people are, understandably, very concerned with the speeds that the web host can provide. Given the price, you would hope that Liquid Web delivers on its claim that its speeds are ‘lightning-fast’. Thankfully, the company does with speeds that mean pages never take more than a few seconds to load. Almost uniquely, the company guarantees that it has almost 100% uptime.

Perhaps the next notion that many customers of web hosts are concerned about is ease of use. Web hosting is so technical that the front end user experience of it needs to be straightforward and intuitive to use. Liquid Web’s products definitely are with a very well designed user interface and dashboard. It means that you can manage your websites easily without having to worry too much about the technicalities behind them. If you want to migrate a website from another host, Liquid Web will do so for you for free.

To be worth the money, one of the ways that Liquid Web sets itself apart is through its support. The company has gone above and beyond to ensure that the service they provide their customers is market leading. As a result, you can call or email the department all day every day. There is also live chat available through its website too. You get responses to your queries really quickly so that should you have a really big issue, you do not have to worry about it being an issue for too long. The company has named their support team as ‘the most helpful humans on hosting’ and, at the time of writing, that assertion was more than backed up with the evidence.


Liquid Web is one of the more expensive hosting services that we have reviewed on Best10. However, even if you are trying to budget to save money where you can, Liquid Web may well still be worth a look for you. Yes, many of their services cost a lot, but the majority of the time, you’ll receive value for money. That’s because it is a slick operation with tech experts on hand who know their stuff inside out. The web hosting solutions you sign up to are therefore all high end, highly dependable products. You may be paying more than you would do to other web hosts, but you will also find you are receiving far more too.

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