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Our Bluehost Review

A long-time favourite for web hosting, Bluehost is often seen as one of the world’s most popular web host brands.
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  • Highly affordable price point, making it great for startups and individuals
  • Customers get their domain name for free when signing up
  • Recommended by Wordpress and has 1-click WordPress


  • When it comes to renewal, prices start to increase relatively quickly
  • The company heavily markets its add-ons to customers. They’re easy enough not to use or purchase, but it can be frustrating at times.
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A long-time favourite for web hosting, Bluehost is often seen as one of the world’s most popular web host brands. It is certainly one of the longest standing - having established itself in 1996. Here’s our review on whether it still manages to remain a market leader.


Having a quick website speed is crucial as most website owners will know, or will know soon enough. Without a quick speed, customers bounce off a website leading to lost conversions and a low search engine ranking. Bluehost’s speeds are quick the majority of the time - with pages loading within a second or two. 

Importantly, those speeds remain even if the website is loading many pictures or is experiencing a high amount of traffic.


In addition to speed, it's important to look at reliability when analysing web hosts. Bluehost’s reliability is excellent. It helps run a huge number of other websites, yet very few of them have ever, or will ever, experience any downtime.

You’ll easily get an answer you need to any worries or difficulties you are experiencing - which gives you the peace of mind to sign up to Bluehost.

Designed For

Website owners for small companies or sole proprietors would do well to turn to Bluehost for their web hosting needs. The price point is inexpensive, while the quality of the customer service is excellent. It means you can have your issues resolved without the need to always turn to an expensive IT technician. Additionally, it works seamlessly with Wordpress, so many people will be able to use Bluehost straight away with no issues. However, as it can handle high amounts of traffic and complicated websites, Bluehost can grow with a company as it develops.


Bluehost is a highly reliable choice as a web host. Its pricing starts at affordable prices, but even as they increase, they do so with far more complicated packages - making even the more expensive products good value.

Importantly, the website that it can help host can be complicated with few limitations put on the site, simply because the web host won’t be able to handle it. That’s vital given that a company’s website is so often its shop window. It means a customer can create a website that suits their business needs. Companies do not have to amend their wants for a website, leading to a diminished standard of finish, simply because a host can cope with the amount of pictures or web traffic.

Instead, a business can create the very best site for them - confident that their customers will always be able to access it, with ease, ensuring the optimum user experience.

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