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Just Travel Cover Review

Inclusive travel insurance, covering travellers for all the typical competitor exceptions!
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  • Truly accessible travel insurance covers most of the circumstances the majority of insurers automatically reject.
  • Friendly, helpful and comprehensive advice, including a great FAQs section.
  • Tailored insurance, with the lowest possible costs available - although you can customise your quotes if you want gold-standard coverage.


  • Insurance won't apply if you go somewhere the government has advised against - so you need to check the FCDO website before you leave.
  • Just Travel Cover is a broker, not an insurer, but they'll recommend a policy based on prices from up to 62 providers.
  • You can't get a pre-existing medical cover policy without knowing the name of the condition, so you'll need to check that with your doctor.
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Buying insurance to go overseas can be stressful (and expensive!), but Just Travel Cover seems refreshingly approachable and - dare we say it - friendly!

So many people with medical conditions or over a certain age end up forking out crazy amounts to stay safe on their holidays. Just Travel Cover seems to turn that on its head, doing away with age limits, and covering even pre-existing conditions to help everyone visit their bucket list destinations.

It's more a broker than a direct insurer, but there must be some pretty good reasons over a million people have chosen this firm for their travelling needs!


When you apply for a quote on Just Travel Cover, you can choose between bronze, silver or gold, and they'll check out the best possible policy price from over 62 companies.

You can pick basic insurance if you want the lowest cost or the best quality insurance at a competitive premium.

Key Products

  • Travel insurance for people with medical conditions.
  • Cover without age limits.
  • Single trip or ongoing insurance up to 18 months.
  • Cruise insurance specifically for sea-cations.

Designed For

Everybody and anybody who has found travel insurance premiums too expensive or has been turned down for cover elsewhere. 

Travel Insurance Cover

Just Travel Cover is a fully FCA approved and authorised insurance company, and they're making a dent in this sector with a fairly unusual approach!

For one, you can visit them (yes, in person) at their Sunderland head office, so you can get proper support and advice if you're struggling or need help selecting the right cover.

When you first look for a quote, you can choose between single trips, annual cover, multi-trip or cruise travel insurance, and destinations including UK domestic holidays. So it's not only about international insurance but about protecting your expenses at home.

One of the best services is that you can buy a policy for you, a couple, a family or even a whole group, making it simpler than ever to buy decent insurance at an affordable price.


Just Travel Cover is an excellent option if you know you need travel insurance but don't have hours to compare quotes or work out which policies are the best value for money.

The service is fast, easy to use, and reliable, and the outstanding reviews on TrustPilot show that the customer service on offer is exceptional.

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