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Fiverr Review

Freelance platform with thousands of A+ website building pros on hand to assist.
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  • Hugely competitive prices compared to buying premium software or hiring a website design agent.
  • Profiles are detailed, so you can check out previous customer reviews and portfolio work before choosing the web designer you'd like to hire.
  • Turnaround times are fast, and the costs are pre-packaged, so you know the exact price before paying anything.


  • Quality is massively variable, so you must do your research to avoid hiring a freelancer that isn't of a good enough standard.
  • Almost all Fiverr contractors are freelance, so you can't meet in person or discuss your design inspiration - it's all done through the platform.
  • There is a small but real risk of scammers, so it's important never to divulge sensitive information or make a payment without verifying the account's authenticity.
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Fiverr isn't your conventional website building service - it's a freelance platform where you can browse through countless professionals and pick and choose who you'd like to build your website for you!

Of course, some profiles are better than others. Still, you can browse by expertise and price points, review profiles to assess the previous experience, and read client testimonials to know whether you'll get the perfect website you're after before you buy.

So, is Fiverr a great alternative to paying a chunk of change for a web building software - and how much better will the finished result be?


Prices vary wildly - we searched in the Fiverr Business pages and found these example project quotes:

  • £595 for a sales-focused WordPress business website, from a Pro Verified account with a 5\* rating after 267 orders.
  • £155 for a 'stunning' WordPress site from a Fiverr's Choice recommended account with a 5\* rating after 2,075 orders.
  • £238 to build an online grocery or food delivery app with a website ordering system from a Pro Verified account rated 5\* after 109 orders.

Key Feature

  • Select from a massive pool of freelance web builders with access to ratings and portfolios before you commit to buying an offer.


  • Fiverr was originally a freelance marketplace where you could buy ad hoc services for £5 - hence the name! Now it's a suitable option for millions of freelance services, suited to anyone who wants cost-effective support from a verified professional.

Web Design Usability

Unlike so many website design tools, Fiverr isn't a software where you pick from a template and then need to do the hard work yourself inputting content, choosing design options and formatting each page until it meets your business branding.

Rather, you can scroll through reams of professionals worldwide and check out their expertise and client ratings, pick from pre-packaged website design options depending on the type of support you need and how much you have to spend.


Fiverr is a brilliant way to get a website designed if you don't have the time or skills to spend on a template-based app, working through all the design details for your site.

While quality and pricing vary considerably, you can find some exceptionally talented freelancers with competitive rates who will take the load off your shoulders and return a perfectly developed website within your timeframes.

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