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99Designs Review

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99designs connects graphic designers with clients from all over the world.
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  • Access to a large selection of creative services from experienced designers
  • Simple, easy-to-use interface makes it easy to get started with any project
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee for all services
  • Specify detailed instructions for your project
  • Variety of additional features such as custom fonts, color palettes and typography options


  • High cost – the prices for services on 99designs can be quite high
  • Limited control over quality – clients cannot vet individual designers, so there is no guarantee of quality
  • Long turnaround times – depending on the complexity of the project and how many designers are working on it, turnaround times can take up to a few weeks
  • Lack of communication with designers – since all approvals and feedback happen through the platform, direct communication with the designer is not possible
  • Limited customization options – although some customization options are available, clients may find themselves limited in terms of what they can do to truly personalize their designs.
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99designs is a global online marketplace that connects businesses and entrepreneurs with talented designers from around the world. It offers a unique platform for users to find custom design solutions, such as logos, websites, graphics, print designs and much more.

99designs allows customers to post their project brief on the website along with an allocated budget and then receive various design options from professional freelance designers who specialize in different domains of design.

Customers can then select the best option according to their preferences or even give feedback for further modifications until they are satisfied with the final output.

With its user-friendly interface, quality assurance process and 24/7 customer support team available at all times – 99designs makes it easy for anyone to get high-quality creative work done quickly!

How It Works

The process starts when a company posts a project on 99designs, which includes details about what kind of design they need. Then, designers from all over the world submit their designs in response to the project brief.

The company then reviews all of the submissions and selects one or more designs as winners, depending on how many designs they want created.

Finally, once payment has been made to 99designs, the designer sends over final files for any revisions needed before delivering it to the customer.

All in all, it's an efficient way for businesses to get high quality custom design work done without having to go through a long recruitment process or hire full-time employees.

Key Features

1. Large selection of creative services

With experienced designers from around the world, clients can access a wide range of design options for their projects. From logo design to website development, 99designs has an extensive library of creative solutions that can be used to create custom designs tailored specifically to the needs and preferences of each client.

2. Simple, easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to get started with any project.

Clients can browse through the wide selection of templates and designs, select the perfect one for their project, upload content or images to be used in their design, and then submit their finalized order for the designers to work on.

3. 100% satisfaction guarantee for all services

This guarantee gives clients the assurance that they can trust in the quality of design solutions provided by 99designs.

4. Specify detailed instructions for your project

Providing design directions ensures the creative solutions provided meet all of their needs and expectations.

5. Variety of additional features

Features such as custom fonts, color palettes, and typography options enable clients to customize their designs further. Also available are convenient add-ons such as file conversion, copywriting services, and other features to make the design process more streamlined and efficient.


The cost of design can vary depending on the complexity of the project and the type of package you choose.

Basic packages start as low as $299, while more complex projects may cost up to $1,499.

There are add-on services such as web development and logo animations that can add additional costs to your project.

It's best to reach out directly with 99designs for an accurate quote for your specific needs.


Overall, 99designs is a great platform for anyone who needs to outsource their design work quickly and affordably. The website offers an extensive selection of services ranging from logo designs to web development projects and provide users with access to thousands of talented designers around the world.

With its easy-to-use interface, transparent pricing structure, and customer support team available 24/7, it’s hard not to recommend this service as one of the best options in terms of quality design solutions at competitive prices.

Whether you're a small business looking for graphic design help or an individual needing some creative inspiration - 99designs has got your back!


What kind of design services does 99designs offer?

99designs offers a range of design services including logo design, graphic design, web design, illustrations and more. It also provides custom packages for larger projects such as branding and marketing materials.

There is an online community for designers to showcase their work and receive feedback from other members of the community. It also provides access to tutorials, advice and resources to help users improve their skills in various areas of designing.

How does the pricing structure for 99designs work?

The pricing structure for 99designs works by setting a fixed price that includes the cost of the entire design project. This includes all necessary tasks such as research, concepting, drafting, and revisions.

If a client requires more than one designer to complete their project, they will be charged an additional fee per designer beyond the primary fee.

Any add-on services such as 3D visualization or branding packages are also available at an extra cost.

After the package is purchased, clients can then view potential designs from designers in their network and select the one that best fits their needs. The final price may also depend on how complex or intricate of a design is required for completion.

Is there a way to get discounts on projects with 99designs?

Yes, there are ways to get discounts on projects with 99designs. For example, customers can save up to 15% by using a special promo code when they sign up and make their first purchase.

Additionally, customers may be eligible for additional discounts or offers if they refer friends and family or join loyalty programs.

Customers should also follow 99designs' social media accounts for promotional updates and exclusive offers.

Can I see samples of previous work from designers at 99designs?

Yes, you can! 99designs makes it easy to view samples of previous work from designers. Browse through thousands of portfolios and designs in their online marketplace to get a better feel for the quality of each designer's work.

You can also use the filter options to narrow down these results by type, size and style.

Does 99designs provide web development and logo animation services too?

Yes, 99designs provides web development and logo animation services. They offer custom design solutions such as branding, website design, mobile app designs and logos.

They also provide web development services to create fully functional websites. Plus, they can animate existing logos or create new animated logos using motion graphics.

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