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Best Wine Clubs 2022: The Most Exciting Wine Delivery to Your Doorstep

May 23, 2024
Best Wine Clubs 2022: The Most Exciting Wine Delivery to Your Doorstep

A great monthly wine club is equally perfect for wine connoisseurs and those who love a tipple but find the breadth of choice out there difficult to whittle down!

Today's wine club membership options are extensive, offering opportunities to sample unusual wines, try new flavours, and wow your guests with exceptional food pairings that will make your dinner dates something special.

Here the Best10 team runs through the best wine clubs 2022 UK-based to help you make good choices about the top monthly wine club to suit your tastes and budget.

What to Look for in the Best Wine Clubs 2022 UK

Each wine club membership offers something different, so before you commit to a subscription, think about:

  • How much you'd like to spend per month.
  • The frequency of your preferred deliveries.
  • If you have a solid favourite or want to try mixed cases.
  • How many bottles of wine you wish to receive each time.
  • Preferences such as organic, vegan or sustainably farmed wines.

You'll find wine clubs offering everything from hand-selected vintage wines to a mixture of wines from around the world, so narrowing down your requirements is a great place to start!

Next, we'll outline some of the top wine delivery plans we've reviewed and expect to be market leaders in price, quality and service in 2022.

Savage Wines

Savage Vines is one of our top-scoring wine subscriptions, from £29.95 per month and offering wines from eco-friendly producers.

There are discounts for new customers, available by signing up with your email address to receive a 5% voucher code, although there is a £50 minimum spend to redeem.

Selling points for Savage Wines include:

  • Options to gift a subscription or buy a repeat delivery for yourself.
  • Wines selected from independent makers and vineyards - so you will sample wines something a little different from the big brand names in supermarkets!
  • Biodynamic and organic grape varieties, essential if you're focused on organic eating or sustainable groceries.
  • There is a 25% discount on repurchases if you find a wine or vintage that is everything you want!
  • Flexible deliveries, from two to 12 bottles a month.
  • Mixtures of red and whites, or one or the other, depending on your preferences.

Mixed cases are a wonderful way to expand your knowledge and experience of new wines, and you can order cases with gifts, such as puzzles, smart bottle openers and sparkling wine pressure indicators on the Savage Wines website.

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Brixton Wine Club

Next up, Brixton Wine Club is hotly tipped to take off as a retro, unconventional wine delivery company that sells premium wines in cans rather than traditional bottles.

What's the advantage of buying cans of wine - and do they taste just as delicious?

The key here is to make the enjoyment of outstanding wines accessible without needing a wine fridge or cellar space for rare vintages that aren't usually available to anyone without a seriously fancy kitchen space.

Services available include:

  • A huge selection of award-winning wines to choose from.
  • Wines are delivered in lined, airtight cans, so the wine can't spoil, chills flawlessly, and won't have a metallic aftertaste.
  • Options to sample small wine producers, sourcing quality grapes from sustainable makers.
  • Optimally sized cans to control your alcohol intake and focus on the taste sensation, rather than mindlessly draining a bottle.

Brixton Wine Club is massively popular with foodies, hipsters (for want of a better expression!) and those with refined taste buds but a relaxed attitude.

It's fantastic to see this contender aiming at the younger market and removing some of the pretentiousness often associated with fine wines.

Naked Wines

Our third contender, Naked Wines, is a pretty well-known name, but we predict that this wine club subscription will continue to grow in popularity in the New Year.

It's all about supporting independent brands and makers rather than shipping crates of mass-produced wines that you can buy anywhere.

Naked Wines say they provide backing to the world's best independent winemakers, delivering the best wines they have ever made at the fairest prices you will pay - and it's hard to argue with the proposition!

Subscriptions start at £99.99, so this isn't a low-cost option, but a premium wine tasting experience ideal for those who love wines and want to expand their palettes.

Vintages are available at up to 33% less than on the high street, and you get a £30 voucher when you first sign up.

Top US Wine Clubs for 2022

Reading from across the pond? There are just as many incredible wine subscription providers in the States!

Some of the best options include:

  • Firstleaf - subscriptions from $39.95, customised to your taste with a short questionnaire on sign-up to refine the wines selected for your deliveries.
  • The California Wine Club - one of the largest wine subscription companies in the US, The California Wine Club offers membership from $41.95. The business has been selling artisan wines for 30 years and delivers small-batch wines.
  • Cellars Wine Club, based in Washington, provides subscriptions from $29, with wine clubs available for sweet wines, sparkling vintages, premium wines and wines based on points, identifying whether the bottle is a classic, very good or a basic drinkable wine.

All of these wine clubs have specific services, so you can choose between the lowest-cost options to keep your fridge well-stocked or select a premium crate of the finest wines ahead of a special occasion.

Each Best10Index review considers various factors, so we haven't arrived at our 2022 wine club recommendations easily!

Our assessments look at the quality of the wines, value for money, the flexibility of the subscription service, and the overall customer experience to suggest wine clubs that we feel are the best offerings out there.

As we approach the new year, it's an ideal time to scale back on supermarket purchases and get expert help in mindfully selecting excellent wines that will provide a rich taste journey and enhance your knowledge about the best wines in the world - delivered to your door!

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Best Wine Clubs 2022: The Most Exciting Wine Delivery to Your Doorstep

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