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The Guide to Selecting the Perfect Wine Club Gift Membership

May 23, 2024
The Guide to Selecting the Perfect Wine Club Gift Membership

A wine club gift membership is a brilliant gift for the wine lover in your life - especially if they can look forward to several deliveries of their favourite tipple!

This guide from the Best10Index team will help you choose the best wine clubs for a gift subscription - and how to make the right selection if you're not a wine connoisseur.

How Can I Choose the Best Wine Clubs for Gifts?

Wine clubs come in thousands of shapes and sizes, so the key is to remember you're buying a wine gift for someone else - not yourself!

Have a quick look for these features:

  • A strong variety of wines, including reds, whites, dessert wines, sparkling and alcohol-free wines.
  • Satisfaction guarantees - many wine clubs offer a no-quibble refund if users don't like any bottle they receive.
  • Options to either cease membership after the gift period or roll it forward if your friend would like to continue.

Picking a Wine Club Gift Card

Gift cards are ideal if you're unsure about the right vintage to go for or which wines your present recipient likes best!

Most wine clubs offer either a fixed-value gift card, which your loved one can spend as they wish or a membership for a certain period.

A gift card is a good idea if you find it more economical than registering a gift membership.

Giving Wine Clubs for Christmas Gifts

Wine is a great present to receive at Christmas and can make entertaining all that more fun!

What to Look for in Wine Clubs for Christmas Gifts

We'd suggest you:

  • Keep an eye out for seasonal offers (there are some incredible discounts around!).
  • Make sure the delivery will be with your friend in time.
  • Go for a wine club with a broad catalogue, so you're certain there's something your recipient will like.

How Much Should I Spend on Wine Clubs to Gift?

Choosing how much to spend can be tricky - and there's no disguising the cost when you give a wine club gift card or membership!

There isn't any right or wrong, so spend what you can afford, but don't feel pressured to go overboard if it's going to put you in a sticky situation.

Affordable Wine Clubs for Gifts

Most wine clubs will offer vouchers for one bottle, up to a year's membership, so there are gift purchases to suit every budget.

A gift card can be an excellent option since your friend can choose whichever bottle they like - and you won't run the risk of buying an expensive wine that'll end up down the sink!

Offers on the Best Wine Clubs UK

As we mentioned earlier, it's well worth shopping around as the best wine clubs often have seasonal offers or selections that are competitive value for money.

You'll also often find that you get a perk for signing up as a new customer.

How Does a Wine Club Gift Card Work?

Most gift cards work like any store voucher - your friend enters the code and can check out with their wine of choice!

Contacting the Best Wine Clubs

Customer support is massively important, and if you're in any doubt about which gift card to buy, we'd suggest getting in touch with your chosen retailer.

If you don't get a quick reply or can't find a phone number?

We'd say steer clear, as your gift recipient will have the same experience if they decide to continue their membership.

Choosing Affordable Wine Clubs

Excellent quality wines don't have to cost a fortune, and a gift card for one specialist bottle of wine can be a far better gift than a whole crate of something your friend doesn't like!

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Finding the Best Wine Clubs UK

For help finding the best wine clubs for gift memberships, please visit Best10Index for independent advice and ratings of the best options out there.

Reviews of Wine Clubs

Every review we publish is entirely autonomous, so you can choose the top-performing wine clubs to buy your gift membership, knowing the service and quality you receive will be best in class.

The Guide to Selecting the Perfect Wine Club Gift Membership

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