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Best10Scout is your best way of finding cheaper home insurance. Browse through our selection of the best value home insurance companies in the UK.

When it comes to home insurance, make sure you shop around for the best deal. For whatever your needs, check out our selection of home insurers.

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AA insurance is a direct to the public insurer with good quality of service.

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  • Defaqto 5 Star Rating
  • Unlimited contents cover
  • Unlimited buildings cover
  • £50,000 alternative accommodation cover
  • Accidental damage cover for buildings and contents

Aviva Home Insurance is a Leading provider that covers the structure as well as belongings.

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  • Cover for your property, possessions and more.
  • Cost of alternative accommodation (including loss of rent)
  • Liability protection for injuries or property damage.

More Than Home is a good insurance provider that offers two levels of home insurance covers.

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  • Up to £200 home emergency assistance cover + 24-hour emergency helpline
  • Up to £45,000 alternative accommodation cover
  • Up to £7,500 cover for computers, laptops and office equipment

Sheila's wheel's home insurance is a leading direct insurer in the UK with a 5 star Defaqto rating.

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  • Defaqto 5 Star Rating
  • Burst Pipes Cover
  • Replacement Key Cover

HomeProtect is a leading and award winning insurance provider with one of the best services in the UK.

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  • Full home emergency cover
  • Full legal expenses cover
  • Full accidental damage cover for buildings and/or contents
  • Personal possessions away from home
  • Lost keys cover

Towergate is a home insurance provider for homeowners, landlords and owners with specific requirements.

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  • Buildings, loss of rent and liabilities
  • Engineering risks
  • Terrorism
  • Landlords's contents
  • Legal expenses
  • Non-standard and unoccupied properties
  • Construction and development risks

Home Insurance

Home insurance is a requirement for pretty much every residential property - but it's frustrating to find that your premiums keep rising or damage isn't covered when the time comes to make a claim!
Best10Scout aims to simplify insurance, showcasing the best value policies and the highest levels of coverage to help you make quick, informed decisions.

What to Look For in a Home Insurance Policy

Property insurance varies wildly between providers. The starting point is to look at policy prices, excess contributions, and what protection you're getting for the costs.
For example:

  • Building and contents cover can be two separate policies - or packaged into one product.
  • Most policies have a limited cap, so check whether the insurance is sufficient to cover all costs were your property to experience severe damage.
  • Alternative accommodation protection is valuable if you need to move out of your home while any issues are addressed.
  • Emergency assistance may be an add-on service, but a 24-hour helpline is useful if an emergency occurs.
    It's also essential to review the small print and coverage for other issues you might rely on your home insurance provider to cover.
    Issues such as lost keys, broken windows, water leaks, break-ins and theft are all potential problems that you can protect against through a great home insurance policy.
    For many homeowners, the challenge is that with such a huge number of insurance providers, ranging from banks to supermarkets, it's often very tricky to get to grips with which policies are truly worth paying for - and which aren't.

    Understanding the Type of Home Insurance You Need

    The more comprehensive your insurance, typically, the more it will cost. However, a full-coverage policy may be preferable if you want to safeguard your finances against things like liability cover.
    Most home insurance will cover incidents such as weather damage, subsidence, flooding, burst pipes and thefts, although it's vital to clarify the small print.
    A condition of many insurance policies is that you declare pre-existing issues, and failure to do so often means that you won't receive a pay-out if disaster strikes.
    If you're a landlord, student, or rental tenant, the areas you are responsible for insuring may also vary.
    Most insurers will recommend having at least basic contents cover for electrical items and valuables, even if you aren't required to insure the building itself.

    Comparing the Best UK Home Insurance

    We get that insurance can be stressful, and picking through the small print isn't something many homeowners have time to deal with!
    Best10Index is the independent consumer reviewer, analysing thousands of home insurance products to ensure you know exactly what you're paying for.
    Our review teams take a deep dive look into some of the most competitive policies on the home insurance market, assigning rankings to recommend those providers that we think are a cut above the rest.
    Visit our rankings and reviews for advice about finding suitable home insurance cover within your budget, and benefit from exclusive pricing discounts and special offers while you're there!


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We review, so you don't have to.

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