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Pet Insurance Review - Waggel

Hip pet insurance brand with a modern, no-nonsense take on cover, support, and community benefits.
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  • Instant quotes are genuinely instant – you don't have to enter your email address to receive a price
  • Comprehensive coverage, including common exclusions such as theft, dental work, or cancer treatments.
  • Fully customised pet insurance where you set the excess and maximum vet bill coverage per year. As an added extra - ten-second claims must make it in as a HUGE pro, but we've run out of space!


  • Waggel doesn't currently cover any pre-existing conditions or related illnesses.
  • Pets under eight weeks old are not covered, and you need to wait 14 days from the policy start date before you can claim.
  • Some breeds are not eligible for insurance – those listed on the Dangerous Dogs Act.
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Waggel's advertising says, 'pet insurance sucks, so we changed it' – and that strap line probably gives you a pretty good idea of what to expect! The prices aren’t perhaps the cheapest out there, but we'd be confident betting that the cost represents first-class value in terms of approved payouts. 

There is zero small print, no doubt about what is covered, how much you can claim, or what excess you’ll be asked to contribute if your cat or dog needs to see a vet.

The website is clear, and you can review a like-for-like comparison against other pet insurance companies, demonstrating that your Waggel policy completely covers those common exclusions (think dental cover, cancer, or theft).

Insurance has a bad name, normally because a cheap policy won't pay out in almost any circumstance or because the provider will wriggle out of a claim – but Waggel does indeed work very differently from what we're used to!


Waggel pet insurance prices depend on the species, breed, age, and health of your pet – but as a couple of examples:

  • £18.29 per month for a two-year-old mixed breed dog with £2,000 annual vet fee coverage and a £250 excess.
  • £11.37 per month for a five-year-old Persian female cat, with £1,000 annual vet coverage and a £100 excess.

Key Feature

Simple, clear, accessible pet insurance with perks such as discounted pet food meal deliveries, discounts on wine and free membership of a pet house sitting service.

Species / Ages Suitable For

Cats and dogs of any age or breed.

Customer Service

Waggel is on-brand at every turn; it’s easy to navigate, you get an actual instant price without having to provide your email address or phone number, and you can customise your policy depending on the annual vet coverage you'd like.

The policies act like lifetime insurance, so you select anything from £1,000 up to £10,000 of vet bill coverage every 12 months and choose the excess you’re prepared to pay for every treatment, condition, or prescription.

Everything is included, even third-party liability, behaviour treatments, physiotherapy, and dental – which conventional policies routinely exclude (although that might not be obvious until you come to submit a claim!).


Waggel is refreshingly fun, and the membership perks make even the pricier policies great value for money. You can get discounts on all sorts of pet-related services and products and log into the membership portal for free advice from a qualified pet behaviourist, which in itself is worth its weight in gold!

Waggel feels like the biggest challenger to the pet insurance industry we've seen in a long time – here’s wondering whether they’ll branch out to other areas in the future.

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