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Smile Brilliant Whitening Review

Professional oral hygiene products customised for each individual customer.
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  • Cuts costs of traditional whitening services
  • Has specific products for those with sensitive teeth
  • Other products can help keep teeth whiter for longer


  • Sent from America so delivery times are lengthy
  • It can be difficult to know which whitening product is right for you
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Specialising in teeth whitening, Smile Brilliant is a dental hygiene company that has a team with over 30 years experience in making dream smiles a reality for their patients. The company ensures that teeth whitening is effective and efficient with them by custom creating whitening trays for each patient so that trays fit better allowing for whitening gel to reach troublesome areas. Smile Brilliant asks their customers to make their own dental impressions from which trays are made. As a result, both time and money is saved by cutting out expensive and time consuming dentist trips.


  • Whitening gels and trays start from $149, gels on their own start at $35 for 3 syringes

Key Feature

  • A wide range of oral hygiene products that help create a healthy smile


Smile Brilliant is a fantastic service based in the USA. The company’s main product is its teeth whitening system where customers can take their own dental impressions which is used to create a custom tray - that works. However, there are a whole host of other products that Smile Brilliant also sells. In addition to already widely used products such as an electric toothbrush and toothbrush heads, Smile Brilliant also sells items like a teeth desensitising gel, teeth grinding night guards, dental probiotics, and a water flosser. To help keep trays clean, it also sells retainer cleaning tablets.

On the whole, all these products are competitively priced against other products sold by Smile Brilliant’s peers. What’s great about Smile Brilliant though is that many of its products come with guarantees, trials or warranties. For example, its teeth whitening system allows you 45 days to see the results for yourself of the teeth whitening system it has in place and, if you do not like what you see, you can get a full refund.

We also like that Smile Brilliant has a vast library of articles on its website. As a result, it becomes a vast resource for those looking to help their overall health hygiene. For example, its ‘The Scent of Bad Breath’ article makes for a very interesting read, as well as its article explaining how oral probiotics work. The latter article is exceptionally useful in deciding whether to buy some of Smile Brilliant dental probiotics for either you or for your kids.

It also has a plaque highlighter product which can be very handy for those seeking to eradicate plaque from their teeth. They also have a product that children can use, which can be helpful when trying to teach your own children about how to maintain high standards or oral hygiene.


Smile Brilliant goes to show that teeth whitening is just the start of creating a Hollywood style smile. Through its extensive education library as well as its wide range of oral hygiene products, Smile Brilliant gives you the tools and knowledge you need to ensure your smile stays looking great, even after you have used up all the syringes of gels in your teeth whitening system. That’s so important as not only is buying that teeth whitening system an investment, it also can help you remain a confident person, who is happy to smile in any situation. For those that have spent many years hiding their smile due to embarrassment caused by the staining on their teeth, that can be a big turning point in their lives.

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