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Online Safety Providers Review - Qustodio

Trusted parental control software that works across a range of platforms.
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  • Plenty of features to keep your child safe
  • Available on a variety of devices
  • An all-in-one parental control tool


  • Some of the features can be enabled directly on the device itself
  • Paying for features you don’t need makes the software more expensive
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Bearing that in mind, parents can use Qustodio to keep them safe. There are numerous ways that Qustodio’s software can help you supervise your children in the way you want and help build positive digital habits. That's crucial as technology will be a huge part of your child’s life, so it’s important to help them develop a healthy relationship with it from a young age.


  • Starting from £39.95 a year

Key Feature

  • Stop your children from accessing unsuitable apps, games and websites


  • The range of features that Qustodio provides means it offers a robust and comprehensive method of keeping your kids safe while online, as well as a means to balance their screen time. Here are our top features:

Filter content and apps

You can set filters and block certain apps with Qustodio. It means that you can be sure that your children only ever visit child-friendly websites, as Qustodio automatically stops them from viewing ones that are potentially inappropriate. You can be confident that your child will never stumble across content that is unsuitable for their age.

Monitor activity

While you need to be able to trust your children, Qustodio gives you the means to monitor their activity from a safe distance, giving them a certain amount of independence. The software provides you with a straightforward report on your child’s browsing history as well as what exactly they have been watching - like YouTube - or what social media they have been using. You can even monitor where they are accessing content from.

Set time limits

It’s tiring as a parent to have to keep telling your child that they’ve had enough screen time for the day. With Qustodio, you can set a time limit on how much they can use their device. You don’t have to nag your child as a result, and you can relax, knowing that they’re not on their screens all day unless you tell them to stop.

Track calls and SMS

As part of a way to keep your child safe, it can be good to know what phone calls they are making. Through Qustodio, you can see who your child is exchanging calls and messages with - and even read what they are writing. If you need to, you can block calls to and from a particular contact.

Locate family

Knowing where your children are at all times is one of the ways we can help keep them safe. Qustodio allows you to check any users’ locations on a map, as well as see where they’ve been. Helpfully, you can receive alerts when they have arrived at a location or even left certain locations, so you don’t have to watch the map the whole time to know they are safe.

Get reports, alerts and SOS

Finally, while you can watch what your child is up to in real time, there’s also a daily, weekly and monthly reporting capability within the software. You can get these reports on your child’s online activity straight to your email and even have alerts set up for certain activities. With some devices, it’s also possible for them to send an SOS in an emergency.


If you are looking for a quick, easy and effective way to keep your children safe online, Qustodio is a great choice. It has such a wide range of features that, when they are all used together, you cover the many ways that your child can be put in danger when online. Plus, as it can track their physical movements, it can also help keep them safe when out and about without you. And, as you can limit your child’s time on their screens, it can also help promote good habits as opposed to encouraging bad, addictive ones. The range of subscription prices are also great, as it means there should be an option for all budgets.

The increased use of screens and internet in our lives can be exceptionally useful - making life easier in so many respects. However, when it comes to kids, screens can be addictive, stopping them from getting exercise and fresh air. It can also pose a risk if they access content online that is wholly unsuitable for them, and sometimes even put them in danger through catfishing and criminals pretending to be something or somebody they are not.

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