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Hubspot Review

Digital Marketing
A full and powerful complete CRM platform that enables excellent customer experience creation
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  • A number of free tools for all
  • Very easy to use and highly intuitive
  • Great to help with email marketing campaigns


  • While flexible, the add on packages do start to become expensive
  • Check whether you own your own customer data if you want to move away.
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HubSpot started its life aimed at helping small businesses and solo entrepreneurs leverage their marketing capabilities so that they could increase sales and profit margins. The company set up a CRM platform that is intuitive and also highly powerful thanks to the breadth of uses it has. It simply has so many different tools that can help a marketing team make light of some basic processes that all marketers have to ensure happen at their company - yet are time consuming and cumbersome to do manually. With HubSpot’s suite of tools, automation begins to free up personnel time substantially so that the marketing department at a firm can begin to add real value.


  • For paid for tools, the starter CRM suite starts at £38 a month

Key Feature

  • Amalgamating many different powerful marketing tools into one place, from one dashboard.

Key features

HubSpot has 5 sub categories in its remit. It has a Marketing Hub, Sales Hub, Service Hub, CMS Hub and Operations Hub. They all have their uses and can be highly effective at what they do. Here’s how they can help you:

Marketing Hub

Marketing Hub is the software HubSpot set up to enable companies to help increase traffic to websites and, importantly, convert that traffic more significantly too. In addition, Marketing Hub can help run inbound marketing campaigns that are large in size thanks to its efficient functionality. This tool can really help with lead generation, marketing automation and analytics.

Sales Hub

Sales Hub is a sales CRM software that can help a company gain more insights into their potential customers as well as simply being able to automate many dull, mundane, yet essential procedures. The aim is to help companies close deals more quickly and make more use of leads. Part of the Sales Hub has advanced CRM capability in addition to allowing payments and meeting scheduling.

Service Hub

Service Hub is the customer service software that HubSpot has created. It allows companies to connect with their customers easily so that customer service can be optimised. It means that customers are more likely to exit interaction with a company happily. This is down to Service Hub offering features like tickets, customer feedback and a knowledge base.


Content Management software is so crucial for a marketing team, yet it can be a time consuming job. CMS hub helps as it offers the flexibility that marketers often want, yet is easy to use for developers who can create a personalised, secure experience for customers. It is popular thanks to its drag and drop editor, SEO recommendations and website themes.

Operations Hub

Finally, the Operations hub is an operations software dashboard that allows marketers to sync their apps and cleans up and curates customer data to ensure it is always useful. It can help automate processes so that teams can work together better. Its popular features are: data sync, programmable automation and data quality automation. 


HubSpot is an incredibly intuitive piece of software that can overhaul your marketing and sales department. It’s great that you can bundle any of the above tools together with how you want to get the product you need so you do not end up paying for functions and features you never use. Given how much data customers disseminate these days, having a piece of software which can utilise and leverage that data’s information is crucial, which is where HubSpot can help so much. It really can transform how, who and where you  market your efforts so that you only ever spend money on marketing that will earn you a return.

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