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Cashplus Bank Review

A leading credit builder to support individuals and businesses repairing their credit ratings!
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56 Day Interest Free Credit
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  • Almost everyone is eligible, including applicants with a low credit score or previous credit issues.
  • There are no account management fees or annual charges to handle.
  • Pricing is transparent and easy to understand - initial credit limit from £50 to £3,000, with no annual fee, and a 39.9% representative APR.


  • Accounts aren't free, and there isn't a fee-free balance transfer option, but you won't pay any account fees whatsoever over your interest charge.
  • Interest rates on purchases are pretty steep, so it's not an easy way to boost your spending power.
  • Credit limits are shown as £1,200 representative but could be as low as £50 depending on your credit history.
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The Cashplus credit card is specifically designed to help applicants who have experienced credit issues and perhaps find it impossible to qualify for another credit card or need a way to repair a damaged credit score without further financial difficulties!

Cards carry zero monthly or annual fees and come with an assumed £1,200 credit limit, although you can review that if you've kept up with your repayments in the first six months.

The flexible repayment options and transparent pricing are a breath of fresh air,  and the challenger bank offers a range of current accounts, too, if you like what you see.


Representative examples shown are:

  • 39.9% Variable APR
  • 39.9% Purchase Rate per year (variable)

Key Feature

  • This card is a trustworthy credit repair card from a reputable challenger bank - you can borrow small amounts as required and make regular repayments designed to reflect positively on your credit record.

Designed for

  • Applicants with an adverse credit history looking to make smart financial choices to safeguard their financial future.

Credit Card Costs

The interest costs are about the industry averages, but this isn't a credit card trying to entice you in with cheap balance transfers (inevitably with a percentage fee!).

Rather the Cashplus Bank credit card is a straightforward way to take control over your finances, with a transparent interest charge and support to maintain regular payments and improve any poor credit issues that have hampered your ability to obtain financing.

Customer service is excellent; the cards are Mastercard registered so accepted anywhere, and you get access to your account 24/7 via a smartphone or PC login.


Credit builders are perhaps the most underrated products in the financial marketplace.

These are credit cards with manageable fees and clear charges designed to make it easier to bring your finances back into good standing and positively impact your credit record while you're at it.

No, the interest charges aren't the cheapest, and no, you won't be offered an astronomical credit limit from the get-go.

However, if you want a quality credit card from a trusted lender who will have your back regarding responsible lending and a lack of any hidden fees, then Cashplus Bank may be the perfect option for you.

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