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Choosing The Best Online Accounting Software Packages For You & Your Business

May 23, 2024
Choosing The Best Online Accounting Software Packages For You & Your Business

Keeping tabs on the finances within a company is one of the best ways a business can ensure its core foundations are strong enough to build upon. When a company’s finances are in shape thanks to rigorous and accurate accounting procedures, cash flow tends to be better and when a company is in a strong cash position, it can make better and more effective decisions that have the ability to drive a company forward towards growth and better profitability.

For that reason, picking the best online accounting software package for your business is essential. Here, we look at the best ways you can do so.

What is the best accounting software in the UK?

The best account software in the UK will vary from person to person, business to business. That is because every person and business is different and how they interact with online account software packages is therefore different too. For example, you may be looking at online account software for small business needs or you may be looking specifically at accounting software for android. As a result, when you are researching online accounting software packages, it is a good idea to know what makes a package the best option for you.

Here are the characteristics you should consider for your final choice of accounting software packages:


Before starting your research, the best thing you can do is determine what your budget is for your new online accounting software. You need to be sure you can afford any online account software bill that you will need to pay. Some packages are provided on a flexible basis, so it may be that you can adapt the products a company offers and build a package you can afford - and gain the most value for money from. It can be tempting to go with an all singing all dancing package when you first start your research, but if you cannot afford your online accounting software bill at the end of the month, you will start to go into arrears which no business wants or needs.

Conversely, be wary of any online accounting software that is cheap. While online accounting software can be cheap and suitable for your needs, some may be lacking core abilities or tools. Be sure you are not lured into using a package that ends up costing you more in the end, therefore - either through errors made, more time spent on accounts or because you have to buy a totally new software package.


A person’s ability to interact with technology will vary from individual to individual. As a business, that can have serious ramifications on the effectiveness of both that person and also accounting software you use. As a result, it is important that you ensure that the interface of your potential accounting software is intuitive for the personalities involved in using it.

That is easier to do if you are looking for online accounting software for small business purposes as you will have fewer people to have to consider when appraising potential products. However, if you are part of a larger business, it is still possible. Looking for intuitivity and simplicity - two things that will usually mean that on the whole a finance department can use the software in question and other stakeholders are able to work with it easily too.

Operating software

Of course, before you buy your software package, you need to be sure it works with the operating systems you have in place. In our technology-heavy days, that can mean a package has to work with several operating software products. You will likely want to be sure your package works with Apple devices as well as Android ones. Online accounting software for Android will mean that anyone who is not an iPhone or Mac user can still use your online account software when using their own devices and vice versa.

That’s important as it means individuals are more likely to find it easier to use your potential package from the get-go as they will not have to get to know a new device as a consequence too. So while it may feel like your package is more expensive than another package that solely works on Android devices or solely works on Apple devices, you may find it cheaper in the long run. That’s because you do not need to worry about buying new hardware which can be a costly and expensive exercise.

Business needs

All business needs are different. You need to be sure that all the features within your potential account software package meets your demands. Online accounting software for small business needs has to make sure that keeping tabs on expenses is swift and easy. Doing so will cut down on personnel time during account reconciliation and also ensure that accounts are kept up to date and accurate - which can save time in the future. If errors are reduced due to accounting software being easy to use, then people’s time can be leveraged elsewhere to help drive the company’s success. If their time is taken up with administrative burdens, which keeping tabs on accounts so often is, they can not be utilised to their full potential.

A larger company will have different business needs again as well as different people who use the software. Larger companies will more likely have dedicated experts keeping an eye on the finances and, as a result, packages may need to have some more advanced features - perhaps to do with analytics - so that accounts can become the true assets that they should be.

Online account packages

The best online accounting software has the ability to revolutionise a business and ensure it is working optimally. When a business knows when and where all its money is being spent, it can become more efficient by streamlining procedures where possible and ensuring that investment spend is leveraged to its fullest potential. For that reason, the importance of picking the right accounting software cannot be overstated and so dedicating time to researching options will never be time wasted.

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Choosing The Best Online Accounting Software Packages For You & Your Business

Rachel Lee

Having worked at Morgan Stanley and BNYMellon for over 10 years in pensions and investments, Rachel now works as a full-time business and financial writer.