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Eco-friendly, sustainable boxed wines, delivered in gorgeous packaging at a bargain price!

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  • New wines are offered to existing customers for pre-order before general release.
  • No tie-in or minimum purchase - buy either individual wines or cases as and when you wish!
  • Free next-day delivery is available for orders of two boxes or more (£2.99 for a single box order).


  • Most of the wines are not vegan-friendly - apart from the Tempranillo.
  • Recycling Laylo boxes is a bit complicated. Although all the materials are recyclable, some local authorities won't accept the inner bag in general recycling collections.
  • Pre-orders require upfront payment, even though the wine won't be available for dispatch for a few weeks.
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Laylo is innovative and exciting in the world of wine - boxed wines, incredible vintages, gorgeous packaging and eco-friendly materials; too good to be true?

Our review has a look into whether boxed wine can taste as fresh as a conventional bottle and why we might all be expecting to see wine boxes at an upscale event this summer.


  • Wine boxes (equivalent to three bottles): from £32.99
  • Wine cases (from two to four boxes): from £69.98

Key Feature

  • Laylo wine isn't a subscription, as such, but each box lasts for up to six weeks, so it's a very budget-friendly way of ordering quality wines without worrying about corked bottles.


  • Deliveries are available throughout the UK mainland.

Wine Quality

Wine boxes have a reputation for being poor quality, cheap wine that tastes pretty awful - but Laylo is turning that concept on its head. The owners hand-pick every wine, using independent winemakers and fully sustainable packaging for a big green thumbs up.

There are classics, such as a gorgeous dry, crisp Sauvignon Blanc, made by a fourth-generation French maker who chooses grape varieties from across the region.

You'll find a huge variety, although pared back, so you aren't flooded with choice. The Tempranillo is perfect for lovers of heavy, fruity reds, or the pale pink Rosé Méditerranée is ideal for a summer picnic.


Laylo is making boxed wine cool again - that's a fact. The box design is part of the appeal and looks classy and elegant rather than a low-cost alternative to a slimline bottle.

There is a huge amount of attention to detail, and while you won't find loads of discounts or money-off promotions, the value speaks for itself. 

One box contains the same as three standard bottles of wine but will last for up to six weeks, making it easier to sample a glass now and again without risking a stale bottle.

Whether you're looking to reduce your environmental impact, have a stock of quality wines on hand, or wish to impress your guests with an easily transportable wine box, Laylo is well worth a look.

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